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This article is eye candy for people who love watches. If you love stylish time pieces then take a look and see what the celebrities are wearing. This article is a guest post from the international brand Michel Herbelin. 

Celebrities love trend setting, whether it be the car they drive, the way they wear their hair, the often outrageous outfits they wear, right down to their prized timepieces. Luxury watches are a favourite way for celebrities to set trends, and though some might be a LITTLE out of our everyday working man or woman’s price range, they do give us plenty of inspiration when it comes to what’s hot and what’s not in the wrist wear department. Luxury watch brand Michel Herbelin gives us the rundown of the best trend setting watches celebs have been splurging on so far in 2013.

  10. Kanye West and his G-Shock Bape

Hip hop legend Kanye West is one of the biggest Hollywood trend setters when it comes to extravagant fashion. He has expensive taste and isn’t afraid to flash it, and that includes on his wrist. Kanye’s latest spend was on a limited edition white G-Shock Bape watch, which costs $450, an absolute steal for Kanye with his expensive taste!

9. Danica Patrick and her Tissot T-Race

She may not be in the Hollywood in-crowds where splurging is a matter of social life or death, but it doesn’t stop American racing driver Danica Patrick from enjoying the finer things in life. Danica has been spotted sporting the white Tissot T-Race watch, which features bike-racing inspired detailing and dynamic style, perfect for the racing enthusiast. The gorgeous time piece set Danica back around $625.

8. Leonardo Dicaprio and his TAG Heuer CARRERA Calibre

One of Hollywood’s most renowned actors of the 21st century, and also renowned for his impeccable style, Leonardo Di Caprio is a born trend setter. His charm and fashion sense have won him over millions of adoring fans who follow his lead. And what better to follow his lead on than the stunning wrist wear he dons in the form of the Tag Heuer CARRERA Calibre. This fine, timeless piece from the infamous Swiss watch makers features a double anti-reflective treatment and scratch resistant glass,  making it both stylish and versatile.  This stunning watch will have most likely set Mr Di Caprio back around $4,500.

7. Pierce Brosnan and his Omega Seamaster

As one of the infamous actors to portray the charismatic role of James Bond, international spy and lover of all the finer things in life, it isn’t surprising that some of James Bond’s traits have worn off on Pierce Brosnan. One of those traits is a love for fine wrist wear. Brosnan has been seen showing off his expensive and stylish Omega Seamaster, just like the one worn in all four of the films in which he portrayed Mr Bond.  Featuring a masculine steel bracelet and blue bezel, this watch costs around $5,500.   

 6. Daniel Craig and his Pepsi Rolex GMT Master

The most recent actor to portray James Bond is no exception when it comes to having the same style and charisma as his well know on screen alter ego. And this particular Bond actor has a passion for Rolex, owning a total of seven Rolex pieces! The latest addition to his collection comes in the form of  the Pepsi Rolex GMT Master, designed to represent the Pepsi branding in a stylish and luxurious way, this watch will have set Daniel back around $6,500.

5. Ashley Tisdale and her Gold Rolex

The young Disney actress best known for her role in the High School Musical trilogy is all grown up when it comes to her wrist attire. Ashley Tisdale has recently been spotted wearing a stunning Gold Rolex, thought to have set her back around $7,188.

 4. Sylvester Stallone and his Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta Rattrapante 
The action-living actor is best known for tough man roles including Rambo and Rocky, and his most action role was in The Expendables 2, where he was seen sporting this sporty wrist piece! The Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta Rattrapante is a very special limited edition model that features the unique split second chronograph. It’s designed for hardcore wearers who aren’t afraid to get right in deep in the action, perfect for our favourite action actor! This watch set Mr Stallone back around $20,000.

3. Rihanna and her Gold Piaget Polo

Pop star Rihanna is known for her love of Piaget watches, and the most recent spotted on her delicate wrist being the sexy 18ct Gold Piaget Polo. This watch just screams bling, which is everything Rihanna is about, and the price tag screams bling too, setting her back round $30,000!

 2. Sofia Vergara and her Rolex Daytona

Latina bombshell Sofia Vergara is hot on the US entertainment scene right now, and so it isn’t surprising she saw fit to reward herself for all her hard work with a tidy little gift in the form of an 18ct gold Rolex Daytona. This feminine and timeless designed watch is a classic from the luxury watch brand, with black dia, engraved bezel and diamond hour markers, this stunning piece will have set Sofia back around $37,500.

1.Seal and his Richard Mille

Still reaping in the profits from his timeless classic single ‘Kiss From a Rose’, soul singer Seal seems to be living the high life, splurging almost $500,000 on an extravagant gold Richard Mille wrist watch! Only half a million? Oh we will all have one then shall we?


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  1. Small clarification: The Rolex GMT Master is nicknamed “Pepsi” because of the colour scheme, however, it was developed in conjunction with Pan-Am Airlines, not Pepsi.

    The watch was developed for Pilots/Flight Crew. It has an extra hour hand that corresponds to the hours marked on the bezel to show the time on one time zone, while the hour hand on the watches face shows another.

    Blue and red were chosen to visually represent night and day in a clear way in the low-light environment of the cockpit.

    The red half of the bezel represents daylight hours while the blue represents the night.

  2. Rolex has released a new version of the GMT Master. It features their new scratch resistant cerachrome bezel. The new ceramic bezel is extremely resistant to scratches and does not change colour over time. Red ceramic is a world first, unique to Rolex. Dual colour ceramic is also very rare so Rolex has released the watch in White Gold as opposed to Stainless Steel. The new GMT Master will retail at $41,000/=

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