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I just celebrated one year of having my own website. As part of my birthday celebrations I wanted to reward you my readers for reading my blog and sharing it as well. As Marcel Proust said “Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” You guys have made my blog what is it with your encouragement, and inspiring me to write. So I want to give something back to you.

My friends at Nairobi Bottlers (Coca Cola Sabco) have been kind enough to give me some Coca Cola merchandise to give away. I will also be giving away 3 bottles of wine. I am also waiting for confirmation but Lintons Beauty World has also promised a couple of sample bags of Nimue.

To get a chance to win one of these prizes you need to do the following

coca cola

1. Since Coca Cola says there are 1000 reasons to believe in Africa give me yours (one reason) in the comment section.
2. Wait to win. Winners will be chosen in a random draw but I will award the 3 most creative answers with a bottle of wine.

This competition ends on the 20th of September 2013.

Good luck.

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  1. I believe in Africa because as the world/ psychologists/life coaches struggle to understand the secrets to happiness……. in Africa we possess it. I love how despite our many “problems”, Africans have this infectious laughter and we always have time to sit and chat.. That’s our secret to happiness!!!

  2. Happy birthday! Such a nice idea to celebrate the birthday. I’m copying this idea from you for my website that’s coming up in about 3 weeks.

  3. Me and you are the inhabitants of Africa.By believing in ourselves, we are believing in Africa,that we can do so much more to make the best of the continents.
    Happy belated birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Potentash! very proud of you by the way! Africa has alot of potential what’s not to believe?if only we had good leaders who will put down their selfish desires and work for the people instead of working for their pockets, we would be very very far

  5. Africa is beautiful and has beautiful people. It is a melting pot of people with different cultures, foods, languages and even clothing. It is worth believing in.

  6. I believe in Africa becoz it surpasses all in its rich in culture and incredible people and the value of family as a continent.

  7. I believe in Africa because of its people,we’ve got a great potential to take the continent to another level

  8. I believe in Africa because God has blessed us with abundant resources which if we use well can make us rich and not dependent on Aid. We have potential to go far and even the West and the East are looking to Africa!

  9. I love Africa and believe in it because of its diverse cultures, amazing wild life, favorable weather and freedom of religion.

  10. I believe in Africa because of its diverse cultures, amazing wild life, favorable weather and freedom of religion.

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