Thank you for the pain!



Thank you for the pain,

Just a band sang.

Feel it,

Deep in my soul.

Your betrayal broke me,

Fell so hard,

Couldn’t walk or even crawl,

I lay still,

Accident scene,

Holding my bleeding heart,

Trying to stop myself from dying,

From the pain.

Now I am healed,

Though my heart will never be the same,

I can never be as good as new,

That’s what happens when trust is broken.

But I want to thank you for the pain,

It made me push myself,

Wrote it down,

Made myself a name,

I have been through it all,

Love, passion, hate, despair, heartbreak,

You were my muse,

Yet in the end my cross to bear.

Now I smile,

And I thank you for the pain.

Love hurts deep,

I now know,

But like a cactus in the desert,

I have grown despite the obstacles.

Stronger than I thought I was,

Although you were my kryptonite,

Brought me down on my knees,

When you broke my heart.

Been through the fire,

And emerged more refined,

More pure of mind and thought,

Soaring like an eagle.

I thank you for the pain,

Because it made me who I am.

Thank you for the Pain.

thank you

bob marley

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