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That indescribable feeling

When you meet her, and you lose all confidence in yourself

When she says hello and your reply doesn’t add up?

When she sits next to you and you don’t know if you should say anything

When you speak and your words are stuttered.

When you set yourself up real good and he gives you a compliment

When he throws indicative signs your way but not very clear

When he texts just when you need someone to talk to

When you hang up after a long call and you’re wondering what she is thinking about

Trolling her TL when she hasn’t replied to your DM

Shivers and shudders on the first touch

Holding hands, walking, talking…. Company

Waking up in each other’s arms

Finishing each other’s sentences

Walking down the aisle

Cleaning up after him

Cooking for her when she is unwell

Taking the next happy photo for the album


Going through the album together and remembering each of the moments

That indescribable feeling


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