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My trial kit of Amla Legend


L’Oreal reveals the ultimate beauty secret for African Hair.

Yesterday L’Oreal East Africa launched their new hair product called AMLA Legend. AMLA Legend Oil is part of the product line of Dark & Lovely. AMLA Legend, which is a hair relaxer, is anticipated to provide solutions to women with discerning hair needs. AMLA has been dubbed the Mercedes Benz of the Dark and Lovely relaxers as it completes restores previously abused hair.  Hair that has gone through harsh chemicals which have left it breaking, dull and led to either hair loss or thinning roots.

Amla Legend claims that it can undo 2 years of relaxer damage in just 2 weeks and research conducted in other countries certainly supports this promise, with 9 out 10 women surveyed saying that AMLA Legend delivered the perfect relaxation treatment. At the launch there were some models who were shown before and after the use of AMLA Legend. Their hair looked great especially a lady with a bob whose hair was so bouncy it was amazing. We received a kit of the AMLA Legend. The products look fantastic and I can’t wait to try them.

My trial kit of Amla Legend
My trial kit of AMLA Legend

“Kenya is the 3rd global market to launch AMLA Legend,” said Mrs Ithau “and we believe that Kenyan women will fall in love with the product when they see and feel the difference in the hair after using AMLA Legend”.  The first to launch AMLA Legend was the US followed by South Africa. So it is very telling that L’oreal consider Kenya to be a key market for their products.

Ithau added, that the launch of AMLA, “is a top priority launch because there has been no innovation done on Dark and Lovely relaxers since 1978. It will re-enforce Dark and Lovely expertise in relaxers.”

For those women who don’t use a relaxer on their hair, and have natural hair or texturized hair (like me) or a curly kit there is still products in the range that they can use if they don’t want to relax their hair. The The AMLA ritual is a complete solution consisting of a relaxer, deep treatment mask, oil moisturizer and also a serum. So you can use the deep treatment mask, the oil moisturizer and serum. I can’t wait to see how they will work on my hair which is texturized but has colour (dark and lovely colour of course).

For those who want to know about ALMA Legend here is the information. AMLA oil is a legendary Indian beauty secret. Made from the Amla fruit, also known as the Indian gooseberry which has a high concentration of Vitamin C, protein, powerful antioxidants and minerals, Amla oil has been used for centuries as a natural solution to condition, enhance and beautify hair. Dark & Lovely’s new AMLA Legend range now incorporates the goodness of this super-fruit to provide specific support for healthy and beautiful relaxed African hair.

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  1. Can i also make it clear that i have very coarse hair never dyed my hair and i had removed extensions three good months before relaxing. We followed all the steps but it seems i have a severe allergy to one of the chemiccals in this relaxer.

  2. On 23rd of november i bought hair relaxer amla legend which states its for all hair types. I have never coloured my hair and have always used olive oil relaxer. Unfortunatel i got attracted by this NEW AMLA LEGEND for all hair types.
    My close firned who has been relaxing my hair for over ten years applied it and within five minutes of this application my head started burning, i felt like my head was going to explode. My eyes couldnt see, i was shocked. She quickly took me to the bathroom to wash it off. As she poured a bucket of water to remove the chemical off, my hair fell of you can imagine the shock. I had to called A/E and head continued burning. Next day i went to my GP who made urgent referral to dermatoogist.
    I am now on intensive treatemnt i also suffered two huge wounds in my head which have healed. I have also developed balance problems which i am taking medication for. I have no hair and Dertmatologist has said he can not guarantee whether my hair will ever grow back to its normal optmmum or not. I am seeing dermatologist on regular basis and am having to wear a wig…i look like patient who has just come out of chemotherapy.
    I am at a loss and the emotional and psychological trauma can never be undersestimated.
    Pls be careful who you put in your head. This almost killed me and again i don know the long term damage to my brain.

  3. Hi everyone. I don’t want to be a buzzkiller but I must say I tried the dark and lovely amla legend relaxer and it burnt my scalp so fast. Thank God I told immediately to my hairdresser wash my hair and then I still have a coarse root.
    I’m just advising, this is very dangerous. Two days after it happened exactly the same way with my cousin.
    I bought the shampoo and billion haor potion too and it felt really great. My hair silk and it smells wonderful. I think everyone must try it (the entire line but the relaxer kit because it is dangerous).

  4. Hi, I currently have a weave in, and I want to take it out. But Im not sure when to use the relaxer……..I can feel and see tht my hair is very coarse……..ive had my weave for 3months now……when can I go ahead and relax it?

  5. Hi, I’ve heard and seen a lot about this* my hair is pretty healthy and all but what I want to know is which one of these do I use for growing my hair ?* my hair grows very slow and I heard the amla oil would help* so I would just like to make sure which one of all the different amla oils dark and lovely have that I could use for growing my hair ?*

  6. Hi, i have heard alot about amla and i would like to try it. However, i use Beautiful Beginning relaxer. Will my changing to Amla Dark and lovely relaxer have any drastic effects to my hair.I Have Normal hair i presume and i would like to use the Amla products because i have a troublesome scalp too.
    Please Advise!

    • Hi Mersey.

      I think you need to discuss that with your hairdresser. They would be able to give you the best advice on that issue. You can use other AMLA Dark and Lovely products like the moisturizer and the oil and still use Beautiful Beginnings relaxer. The range can be used together or separately.

  7. Hi there, i saw the review of your product and i like it, in fact, will want to try it on my hair as i have someone going to South Africa by month end. But my problem is, i have too much of dandruff on my hair, in fact, my whole scalp is covered with dandruff and when i checked on the internet, i saw it be be seborrheic Dermatitis. I am scared and kind of careful when trying products, which of your products can work well for me. Thanks a lot

  8. i just walked into a supermarket today and saw this new relaxer from dark and lovely. i love dark and lovely, so i wasted no time in making the purchase. i have read the beautiful reviews, and have heard many good things about amla oil. hopefully, i’ll also be telling others about how wonderful it is soon. 🙂

  9. I have dry breaking hair and i am currently living in another country so i stocked up on the Dark n Lovely relaxers from home, so i would like to know can i relax my hair with the other Dark n Lovely relaxers and just use the Alma maintenance products such as the Alma serum and moisturizer?

    • Dear Khethiwe,

      Do you have enough growth?

      When you has enough growth and are ready for your next re-touch you can go ahead and use Amla Legend range. However, ensure that your hairdresser first performs a strand test on your hair and if the result is that you have fine hair, you shouldn’t proceed with Amla Legend Relaxer. It is formulated for Normal to Coarse hair.

      Thereafter your hairdresser should base your whole head with the scalp protective gel to avoid any scalp irritation.

      You shouldn’t relax your hair immediately after undoing any braids nor if your hair is already damaged from bleaching or permanent colour. Amla Relaxer works very fast for beautiful results!