Why are you so greedy death?


death 2

My heart is shattered,
It feels like it’s been dropped in acid,
And the pain is just too much,
It burns,
Although I try to rub it clean,
To wash it with prayers and praise,
The smell of death lingers strong.
I feel so weak.
I thought I bolted the door,
That death might not visit me again,
Unwelcome visitor that he is.
But death is cunning,
A master thief,
And he had made a key
He sneaked in when I wasn’t watching.
Death your sting hurts,
This wound never heals,
It scabs over,
Opening again and again it bleeds.
Death have you not eaten enough souls?
Death give me peace,
Have you not broken me enough?
Will you not rest?
Why are you so greedy death?
Let us be, let us be.

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