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I got this on email today and thought it is something people need to read.

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Don’t Get Used!!

I know you want to help! I know you want to give back, but the point of giving is to give with a cheerful spirit. When giving becomes a burden then you’re being used! It’s human nature to survive at any cost; so that means if someone else feels like they are drowning they will pull you under to get their head above water. It doesn’t mean that they have malicious intent. They’re just trying to “survive.”
But you have to survive too! You can’t help others if you don’t learn how to help yourself first. Remember the lesson you learn before you fly, “place the mask on yourself first before assisting others.” It’s not being selfish, it’s being smart!
So here’s what you have to remember!
  • Don’t ruin your life trying to help someone else maintain a life their decisions got them into.
  • Put a limit on your “giving.” There is a point that your “helping” is actually “hindering.”
  • Be willing to cut people off if they are taking your kindness for a weakness. That might mean cutting off some family members too!
  • If your “gift” grieves your spirit then you are being used!
  • Make sure you test their heart to see if they will sacrifice for you if needed. People should never ask for something they wouldn’t give if the tables were turned!

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