The good, the bad and the ugly #TPF6



Last night was TPF6 Opening Gala. It was interesting but I have to say by the time it got to the 2 hour mark let’s just say people in our house were abit bored. Let me just do an analysis from my point of view. Let’s call it the good, the bad and the ugly.


The contestants were good. They got soul. I am looking forward to a great show.

Eric Wainaina (principal Y or is it principal Wai) is now the principal. Looking forward to seeing what he brings to the house.

The new stage is bigger and better.

Thank God Judge Hermes is back. Judge 2 chains wasn’t cutting it.

the good


Say what you will about Sheila and TPF but there was something about her and Mitch that made TPF seamless. They flowed. There was no awkwardness. I like Joey as a presenter. But HER and Mitch its not yet happening. Perhaps they need to go on a team building exercise in order to gel. Let’s just hope they make it because yesterday it wasn’t happening. Then she also called the wrong contestant’s name when he was coming up on stage. To make matters worse you could hear somebody saying in the background she called the wrong person.

After taking time for a couple of weeks to show us auditions of the contestants (lots of laugh), they showed us again the auditions of the contestants who made it to the elimination round last week. Then they do it again with the contestants who made it to the gala night. While occasional flashbacks are good, too many and you have the viewers zoning out or worse reaching for their remotes.

Whoever is doing wardrobe needs to tone down. Some of those colors especially for the guys jeans were bad, bad choices. Even if it is color blocking you can go too too far.

Thank God they removed that weird Tanzanian judge that people were calling 2 chains. If they hadn’t removed him he would be in the ugly. He did not add anything to the show.

Considering the show was two hours we should have gotten more entertainment. It would have been great if they had past winners or runners up come and perform instead of all those flashbacks. After one and a half hours I was ready for the show to end.

They should have mixed up the contestants not made contestants perform by country. It kinda gave the it’s you against us vibe.


Let me sum it up with a tweet.

Social Experiment ‏@MediaMK 14h

That makeup was too shiny.

The sound was bad. Sometimes you could hear the judges talking when the show was going on. Sometimes the sound would be too low or even at some point doing the last performance it was off.

As a dedicated fan of TPF, I am looking forward to great things. Hopefully the above hiccups will be sorted. I am looking forward to it.

I almost forgot to mention Judge Ian. I actually love him. He is refreshingly honest, and I believe that he makes TPF a better show.

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  1. The TPF Producers should (re)borrow a leaf from opening acts of shows like XFactor (from whichever country) especially since they are mimicking a lot from them…

    That aside, methinks hopefully having Principle Y will add vavoum to the show, because it feels like a dying horse. I agree people shouldn’t present/compete by country, its ‘racist’ *clasps mouth* oops, did I say that aloud? *slaps forehead*