At Twilight My Name Is Siren!


My Fellow Poet David Asonga wrote the poem below and I had to respond. His poem is in the role of an observer, Mine I take the role of the lady of the twilight. My poem is after his.

I met her at dusk
Outside the twilight towers
Where the sun would never
Shine nor the moon ever glow
Neither would the stars show

She looked spry and young
To her every word, they hung
I didn’t think she belonged
But knew she would soon be long gone 
Flickering in the shadows of dawn

I met her
At the twilight towers
Where men became kings
Albeit for a moment
And the ladies were queens
Of the short charred

I met her,
At dusk
Outside the twilight towers
Looking like the season’s flower
Aware of her feminine power
An epitome of innocence
Attacked by virulence

I met her at dusk
In the twilight glow
Attending a twilight show
That filled me with guilt to know
It was not fate or circumstance,
But the life she choose…
The one I met at twilight.


I see you watching me,
In the twilight hours,
Looking at me with disgust and desire,
At the same time.
You pretend to be a good boy,
But you know deep inside that you are naughty.
Stop hiding behind that mask,
Step into the shadow,
Let me show you my world.

sexy 1

The moon is full,
And I am drunk on its power,
I like, no love to set fires,
To set ablaze the desires of men.
I feed on desire, it makes me feel powerful.
The want I create in men when I flirt and tease,
Or seduces a man with my body is an aphrodisiac for me.
It’s not the sex I love or crave;
it’s the power to turn those men into my slaves.
I am like a witch,
Bewitching men with my body,
My body becomes a spell when I offer myself up as a sacrifice to my lover.


Once tasted,
Desire and desperation to taste again ignites,
And he is bound.

I play body games, mind games, sexual games,
Dancing such moves that I leave the competition lagging,
Struggling to understand what I give those men,
That makes them stick like glue.
I just laugh,
Because my secrets only I and Victoria secrets know.

I am a sexual vixen, a goddess worshipped by many,
A vampire that feeds on lust.
Sexy scandalous is my trademark.
I am Siren.

Confessions Of A High Class Call Girl

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