Why not – Louis Rams #WorldPolioDay


polio 2

If you could stir up peoples thoughts and feelings
Without making a sound.
                    Why not?
If you could get them to stop all the evil that’s around.
                     Why not?
If you can get them to look into their hearts and souls
And see that god gave them something made of gold.
                      Why not?
If you could help to take away the suffering and the pain
And people would all be the same.
                       Why not?
If you could feed all the children in the world
Every little boy and girl.
                        Why not?
If you could make people feel like they’ve
Accomplished a goal in their life.
                        Why not?    
If you could help to take away the
children s cancers or m. s. and polio.
                        Why not?                  
You have to start someplace !
                        Why not? With yourself !


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