The customer is a princess!


Sometimes you get a gift that just surprises you.


This is what I received today from Proctor and Gamble after attending their Always Platimum Launch.


A flash that doubles up as a bling bling. Nice.

The Always brand sures know how to treat a girl. Did I mention that on the day of the launch each guest received a beautiful purple notebook with a Parker pen in a beautiful case with a bottle of ink.


From a customer point of view I feel spoilt like a princess. From a marketer’s point of view I am thinking what a great way to keep your brand top of mind for your clients. I think the only company that has ever wowed me more and continues to WOW me is Safaricom.  If Safaricom was a boy I would say I have fallen deep in love.  They know how to date a client as my boss would say.

For marketing and PR companies it is time to up your game. It is no longer business as usual.

PS. It just hit me. The locket is a padlock and Always Platinum locks in odors. How brilliant!

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