My lover Mr. Insomnia #TeamInsomnia



Last night as I got ready for bed,
I saw my lover Mr. Insomnia watching me,
Inviting me to cuddle.
This love affair is torturous,
I never wanted him here,
But he sticks to me like glue.
When we first meet,
He was that dark mysterious stranger,
I had heard about him,
The whispers, the hashtags,
It seemed he even had a team,
His seduction was so absolute,
That #teaminsomnia wrote about him.
I never wanted to be a groupie,
But slowly he pulled me into his trap,
He danced a seductive dance,
He enticed me with a sip of sleeplessness,
It wasn’t too bad,
I could write or read in those times,
But slowly he took over my mind,
Made me unable to get sleep,
Even though I searched for the satisfaction.
I tried all sorts of remedies,
To cure my body of the nightly fever,
He gave me,
But to no avail.
He started as a one night stand,
But now he has moved into my bed,
And I can’t get him out.
I am exhausted,
He keeps me up half the night,
I try to get him to leave me alone,
But he looks at me with merciless eyes,
And whispers seductively “my darling,
I love you too much to leave you.
I need you.
I fed off your lack of sleep,
And it gives me so much power over you!”
What can I do?
I am a prisoner in my own bed,
And my now full time lover,
Mr. Insomnia refuses to leave.

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