Tusker Project Fame keeping things HOT #TPF6



Tusker Project Fame has now reached the half way mark.

Here are some of the highlights from Day 24.

The contestants got to rehearse with the awesome Aaron Rimbui instead of going for dance rehearsal and the band was fantastic as usual. Looking forward to the show on Sunday.

It has been interesting having Muthoni the Drama Queen on the show. It will be interesting to see how the contestants perform the songs she choose for Sunday. But so far it is looking good. Principal Wai (Y) and Coach Edu were helping Muthoni DQ and Band Leader Aaron get the sound perfect.

Is it just me or there is something brewing between Daisy and Fess? They are spending alot of quality time together. Should we be singing “Daisy and Fess sitting in a tree…

It seems that Sitenda had been practicing too much and needs to rest her vocal cords. Hisia seems to be unwell and as a fan I wish him a quick recovery.

Meanwhile, Kojjo was in his usual hiding spot. Singing in the bathroom, he sang his heart out as punishment for forgetting his lyrics. Band Leader Aaron expressed his frustration at the Ugandan’s slow assimilation of lyrics especially since Kojjo is a great musician.

During the break, Music Director Muthoni DQ worked on her song for the Sunday showcase. Muthoni is curtain raising for the contestants and that should be fun. I remember her saying let’s put on a show the other day. So I am looking forward to seeing the contestants bringing it on Sunday.

Since it was the half way point of Tusker Project Fame 6. The production organized for small gift bags for the contestants and a cake, to celebrate before they leaving for the studio. They were going for a road trip to the studio of the master producer, Tim ‘Innovator’ Rimbui.

Good luck contestants especially my favorites who I shall not reveal. I am so spoilt for choice. I am looking forward to the show on Sunday. It is going to be a SHOW.



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