Nairobi is an African woman #OwnNairobi

Photograph by Mutua Matheka
Photograph by Mutua Matheka

Love it or hate it Nairobi is the place to be in Kenya. It is the capital city but more then that it is home to millions, some born there but majority emigrants to the city. I am one of the lucky few who was born here and have had the privilege of seeing the city grow and bloom into what it is today.

Nairobi is an inspiration to me. It inspires my poetry and my short stories. You could say it is my muse. But like any relationship me and Nairobi have had our issues. It is never a perfect situation but she makes me so proud. I love Nairobi.This is where I was born and if God wills it I will die here. I have made friends here, grown up in a family here. Nairobi has a beautiful side. I have written about my relationship with Nairobi – Married to Nairobi!. Nairobi has a slightly dark side – Nairobi Half Life!  Nairobi is a great place to be and it is going places. Nairobi is like a woman.

Nairobi is a woman,
Nairobi can be soft,
Seduce you with her hospitality.
She will welcome you with open arms,
Let you into her home,
And make you one of hers.
It doesn’t matter where you came from,
Nairobi adopts you and makes you part of her family.
Nairobi is fun,
She knows how to dance and play,
She will dance the Rhumba with you,
But she is also gangster she can rap,
Nairobi is your family,
She will give you a place to call home,
Allow you to bring up your children in her comforting arms.
She is a mother,
She will feed you,
But she will also discipline you,
She doesn’t want jokers here,
To live here and enjoy her pleasures,
You have to work,
Nairobi is not for the lazy.
Nairobi can seduce you,
With her pleasures,
The bars, the food, the night life.
Nairobi is a high,
She can make you soar the skies.
She is fortune,
If you are lucky you may get to experience that side of her,
But you have to hustle,
She doesn’t give up her riches for free.
But she is jealous,
She doesn’t like competition,
She wants to own you,
All of you, she doesn’t want to share you.
Nairobi has culture,
She is a melting pot of all the cultures of Nairobi,
You will find the beautiful blend,
Of all cultures here,
The food, language, clothing, etc.
Nairobi makes us one,
Because we all belong to her,
She doesn’t have a favorite,
She embraces both her natural children,
And adopted children as well.
Nairobi is generous and loving,
She is a woman, a mother,
Who loves and shelters,
Nairobi is an African woman,
Welcoming to all who visit her house.

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What is your Nairobi personality? Do you love or hate Nairobi? Is Nairobi home or just a place you pass through?

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  1. I came to Nairobi from the village in the year 2004 to attend college. Of course it was hard for me to change my village personality to that of the city. I believed in dressing decently (no miniskirts or tight trousers). I may not say that has changed much now that i am used to city live but it has changed a little bit.

    I of-course love Nairobi very much for the opportunities it presents to its residents. From variety of colleges, to business opportunities, to cheap second hand everything (cloths, hard wares, cars..etc). Favorable infrastructure compared to the other parts of Kenya. You access hospitals, education, government services and any other services easily. Nairobi is the place to be.

    However, Nairobi life is very expensive and the level insecurity very high. Those are the major setbacks. Nairobi is where you get a net salary of 34,000; pay rent 10k, fare to work 200bob a day, food at 200bob a day, electricity, water and now TV bills and those in college; fees…at the end of the first week of the month you are broke and how you survive the rest of the month…only God knows.

    I feel that Nairobi is home. My life belong here, this is where i have a home in church, friends, colleagues and even neighbors. I don’t run to the village for help if i need any, i get it right here. I have learnt to hustle and face the challenges that come with living here and enjoy my life to the maximum.

    Life in Nairobi is sweet, fun and it is the place to be.

    • Hey thanks for that Terrylynn. Your comment could be a blogpost. Have you ever thought of starting a blog or do you have one?

      Nairobi is a special place. I am glad to call it my own.

  2. Well put!! I love the poem. Nairobi is many things: A home, a caring mother, a marathon race, an entertainment galore, a social event, a conman to the naive, a nightmare to the lazy, a spiritual nourisher to the faithfuls, a moral hazard to the reckless, an experience to those who love fun and adventure, The Pride of Africa!

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