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I have been single for a while now and off late it has not been easy. This is compounded by the fact that most of my friends are now hitched thus less time on their schedules *not that I’m complaining*. Anyway, loneliness or lonesomeness is a terrible thing when you really need someone to talk to or keep you company. So I put myself out there in the hope that I’ll run into her, the one. As predicted, I ran into so many and thought they might be her but there is always that flaw that ticks you off and indicates that the search is still on. After numerous attempts I have finally decided to wait. But it is imperative for me and maybe her, if she reads this, to know what/who I am waiting for.

I am bit of a romantic, though my bipolar self won’t dare admit. But when you’ve spent a better part of your childhood reading novels and watching novels there is bound to build up some unrealistic expectations. I remember listening to my folk’s story and how my dad knew my mum was the one from the moment he saw her. You see, the bar has been set. I am waiting for the spark. That moment when she smiles and you see heaven in her eyes and everything else fades away to leave just you two and the pain from the point where cupid’s arrow struck your heart. FYI, I am also a poet. In plainer terms I am looking for something out of the ordinary and as Liquideep sung “no I won’t settle for less”.


The problem with those who choose to wait is not knowing what they want. They say when you find your other half, she completes you like a jigsaw puzzle or something like that. So I will focus on the things I feel need to be fitted in to make the puzzle whole.

For example, I will wait for someone who supplements me spiritually. Not in the religious sense. I mean someone who can help me in my journey to understand myself and thus be able to fully comprehend the essence of the Almighty. There is a reason we are made in His image. If we don’t really comprehend the reflection in the mirror then I doubt we can say that we have truly understood or found God.

I will wait for someone who challenges me intellectually. Someone who at least enjoys strategic games like chess or scrabble or can help me fill the codeword, Sudoku or crossword etc. I will wait for someone who we can share knowledge and wisdom and have intellectual intercourse in deep conversations linking his story, her story, the present and the future.

I will wait for someone secure and confident in her personality and her sexuality enough to be herself around me and others around us. Someone who is not obsessed with physical beauty and knows that she is fearfully and wonderfully made.

I will wait for someone who loves music and art and literature for how can one love life and have no interest for these. I will wait for someone loves adventure seeks pleasure in the little things life has to offer. Doesn’t need superficial vanities to be impressed. I will for her who dances like fireflies in the night, moves with grace of the peacock and the assurance of an eagle even in the face of a storm.

Last but definitely not the least, I will wait for her who has waited for me. Not in the mainstream sense of virgins and true love. But one who has had enough experiences in life to know what she wants. One who has had her heart broken to know how bad it feels and we shall work each day to repair this, striving to at least bring it close to how God made it. One who knows the bitter taste of tears and the comforts of a shoulder to cry on; open to letting the world in to fill the vacuum left and not shut it out in fear and insecurity. I will wait for a friend, companion, one to confide in, partner, guide, kindred spirit and the ONE.

I will wait for you…

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  1. A well written piece, which coincidentally reflects my reasoning for deciding to stay single….although I’ve never been able to explain it quite as well as you have

  2. Never have i seen someone write excatly what i have been trying to tell people……i will wait coz if waiting is what will make me get him, then i will wait

  3. I thought I was the only one doing the waiting thing. When you have been out of the dating scene, sometimes or rather most times, you don’t know what to say or not say; do or not do. You wait until you really don’t know what you are waiting for…

    I keep consoling myself that there is hope…Is there really? When you don’t know what you want anymore because your heart was broken over and over and over again…

    So we continue waiting…

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