Music, Poetry’s floozy sister


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This post is a response to Kenyanpoet’s Poetry, Music’s ugly sister.

Music has always been considered,
The beauty of her family,
With her made up face and her fake weave,
She made poetry always feel ugly.
Music was beautiful when she was younger,
Then she started taking drugs and alcohol,
And became all about the sex and showbiz,
Until she ruined her face and body,
Now she is an old soul in a young body.

It is true that poetry’s beauty is not so obvious,
She is more shy,
She tries to hide herself behind intellectual quotes,
She doesn’t like to bring attention to herself,
You either love her or you don’t.
She may not be able to dance the tango,
Or go out partying all night,
But she will be there when you need her,
She will soothe you when you feel down,
She will be the friend you need to get through that hard time,
She will never leave you,
To go off dancing the night away when you need her.


Music was once classy,
She was so beautiful, and refined,
She would make you fall in love with her,
But she would deserve that love.
Nowadays music is a floozy,
A one night stand,
You can’t have a forever love with her,
She is about now, the money and the fame,
She is a fame whore,
And she doesn’t care what she has to do to be loved,
She will do it.


Poetry is the love of a lifetime,
She’s the one you will still love after 10 years or 50,
She ages gracefully,
She is a woman who knows her true worth,
And is not ready to settle for a man,
Who doesn’t appreciate her.
Many times Music comes and borrows her clothes,
Her rhythm and rhyme,
Trying desperately to capture those beautiful days,
When every man loved her,
And wanted her,
And wanted to spend a lifetime with her.
Music somehow became plastic,
With artificial instrumentation to enhance her beauty,
And it became about pleasing her fans,
Instead of being real,
With that soul and jazz,
That she used to play and dance too.
Now she is wilder than rock and roll,
But she likes to pop,
And shock the soul out of those who loved her.
She left poetry with the blues,
And became harder than nails,
Now she has a rap sheet,
Because she commits lyrical crimes,
And tries to jazz the audience so that they don’t leave her.
But now their attention is fleeting,
It takes more for them to love her,
She is not the enchantress she once was.
It used to be that men would stop what they were doing,
To listen to her beautiful melodies,
But now she is the background noise in the bar,
Somebody to dance with for a minute, or an hour,
But not to dance with forever.

Poetry seduces slowly,
With her words,
She takes her time,
She is not in a rush.
She wants you to know her,
Get to like her,
Want to spend time with her,
And one day you will wake up and find,
You love her,
And want more of her,
Make her your friend and companion for the rest of your life.


Yes it is true,
Music was the beautiful sister,
But she changed,
Let the fame get to her head,
She may be beautiful on the outside,
With her expensive makeup and weave,
But inside she’s ugly.
Poetry doesn’t have the outward beauty,
That may captivate you at first glance,
But if you look closely,
She has the inner beauty,
She is worth a second look.

Nowadays the two sisters are so worlds apart,
They only meet occasionally
Like most families during weddings, celebrations and funerals
And when they do,
Everyone talks about it for years on end.

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