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In December I went to watch Life in the Single Lane by Patricia Kihoro. I haven’t laughed the way I did in a long time. The musical narrative is the tale of a young miss in Nairobi, who has gone through so many trials trying to find Mr. Right then giving up and looking for Mr. Right Now in-between looking for that perfect guy.

Patricia transports us into the life of a lady who just like the rest of us is looking for love in all the right (wrong) places. She starts with church, goes on to blankets and wine and then its all downhill from there. Some of the men she dated were a church boy, a guy from blankets and wine, a wealthy man, a best friend (she wishes – who has put her in friendzone), a married man, a sausage funga, a broke artist and a shy guy.

I loved the musical narrative because I identified with the characters she was playing. Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to get your prince and sometimes they remain just that, frogs. I could see myself in some of the situations and it was fun to reminisce on the things I have gone through. Unfortunately fairy tales taught us that your prince would be waiting for you, ready to ride to your rescue but sometimes you have to go out there and search for him.

Patricia also had a superb cast of actors including Elsaphan Njora, Kevin K1 Maina, Mugambi Nthiga and Yafesi Musoke. They played the characters to perfection. They are awesome actors those guys.

This is one play I would recommend. They say laugher is the best medicine and it will put years back into your life. You will laugh at her foolishness and yours, and comfort yourself that others have gone through the same experience.

I hope that next time she may include other experiences that ladies go through like dating a gay guy (it happens) and a mama’s boy. Or dating a guy who has to get approval from his pals for everything.

The only downside to Life in the Single lane is that it started 1 ½ hours late which for a show which was to start at 730pm ended up being very late. Hopefully next time it will start on time (do Kenyan shows start on time?)

So the next time you see Life in the Single Lane being advertised please buy your ticket and buy your friends some too. They will thank you later. Thank you Ann Gichuru. You are a star.

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I’m glad you enjoyed the show! Yes, working on having a lot more situations represented in the future, and pole sana about the delay in starting! Next time we shall be strict with the late comers! Happy New Year!

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