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It’s a new year and you are still single. And you wonder why. You have prayed about it, read books about it, discussed it with your friends, gone to the club or church and kept a lookout for Mr. Perfect. You are tired of being single and want to have somebody to call your own. You have missed having a guy to call pet names like baby, honey, sugar etc. but you can’t seem to find that guy.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise (though it may) that the reasons you cant find a great guy to date is because you may have put him into your friendzone. I woke up this morning to find myself tagged to a thought catalogue post called 6 possible reasons you can’t find a nice guy. I have talked extensively with @azizmola about why girls put nice guys into the friendzone and maybe he was hinting that my friends and I need to stop putting up barriers to finding love.

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As I read through the list at 5 am in the morning I was like yes this is why we never find the nice guys we are looking for. In our defense there are some reasons that a guy enters friendzone and it is hard to pull him out. Maybe you met him when you were dating somebody else and because your heart was already somewhere else you put every other guy in friendzone. Or maybe you have been waiting for a man to woo you like they do in the Mexican soaps you watch or the books you read. Or you met him when you were heartbroken and every guy you met immediately went into the friendzone. Or this guy said something that just pissed you off and he went into friendzone immediately. Or you met him and he was dressed in a certain way and immediately went into friendzone (true story of this guy I met with a hideous sweater). Or maybe he is too tall or too short or too average height. Or it could be that you just find this guy to be well too nice. You aren’t sure you can deal with such a nice guy. Or maybe you were saving him for later because you like bad guys for now.

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So many reasons for friendzone. Yet you ask your friends where did all the good guys go? And you say in his presence that there are no nice guys left. And you wonder why he is silent.

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Here are the 6 reasons you can’t find a nice guy according to Thought Catalogue

1. You friendzone all the nice ones
2. You have unrealistic expectations
3. You end up with a fixer upper
4. You equate asshole personalities with masculinity
5. You look in all the wrong places
6. It’s not him, it’s you.

For the full article which you will enjoy and then have a lightbulb moment check out this link.

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My challenge to you and I this year is that we should look into the bag of goodies that is the friendzone and you may find that the gift you may give yourself this year is a nice guy who actually really likes you. About two weeks ago I posted an article I have posted here before called where did the all good men go by @mwendesusu and a friend @archermishale said to the friendzone. So this 2014 make it your resolution for look for a nice guy in your friendzone.

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Here’s to a great year and maybe the relationship you have been praying for. God may have already answered your prayer you may not have been looking in the right place.

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