V is for cougar (the cougar monologies)


courgar party

Just when you think you have seen it all and you feel like you can hear the trumpet of the Lord in a distance you find something like this. When did mamas become so … is the word desperate or ingenious? You can’t get a man for valentines no problem! Just attend a cougar party and your needs will be sorted. No need for cobwebs to grow down there (so they say) because of lack of action. Get yourself a man for the night. Look at the statement down there 1900 hrs till you are satisfied.   By what? A massage? A man? A vibrator?


The men have to be under 30. I am not going to open that can of worms. All I will say carry red bull, mukobero and buy a load of condoms (just in case cough cough you are not there just to make conversation and model for the “lovely” ladies.)

courgar 2

Wouldn’t I love to have a fly on the wall to tell me what went down when that party happens!

The end is coming people. The world is being taken over by cougars with sexual needs and ladies with vibrators who don’t need no man to get their satisfaction.



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