I’m in love with a Siren – ‏@IamOminde


She is a siren,
Not very loud but you can never fail to notice her,
Her flawless skin so radiant
Her immense beauty shouts “give way!!”

She will charm your heart with her sexy smile
She will make you want her with her revealing dress
She will seduce you with an erotic lick of her lips
Her voice screams erotica to the male ear
The siren in my street
All women give way on her winks

She is not a prostitute
But she doesn’t mind a little rewards in drinks and gifts
Everyman in town talks of how loose she is,
Secretly they all wish to have her in their beds at night
She can be wild, she can be blunt, she can break hearts

She is a siren,
The kind of girl mummy told me to avoid
I can’t help it when she stares at me with with her innocent look
She makes me feel like I am seeing right through her heart
She looks like she can’t hurt a fly
I know she can break a heart
I am in love with this siren

She tells me she just wants to have fun
She says she is not ready to commit
She secretly rocks my world once in a while
Nobody knows when she tip toes to my house
I wish I would tell the world I’m screwing her
And stare at the envy on men’s eyes
She says no one can know.


I like it when we walk together
Especially when we go to places she is not known
I enjoy the envy in men’s eyes
I love it when my siren glitters
When she glitters I glitter too.

So I can’t mount this illegal siren on my jalopy,
I can flash her out just to clear traffic
At times just to draw attention
I am jealous when I see her mounted on a Land Cruiser
And she acts like she doesn’t recognize my jalopy
This siren rocks my world
I’m in love with a siren.

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