Sex is the new currency.



Have you heard,
The news,
That sex is the new currency?
Bribe that boss with sex,
Spread those legs,
Or those lips,
And there comes that promotion.
In the club,
There is that girl who will exchange sex,
For beer,
Because all she wants to do is get high,
She is living YOLO,
Who cares about tomorrow,
And its troubles.
There is that madam,
In the up town house,
Driving that big car,
And living a millionaire lifestyle,
All for doing blow jobs and tricks,
In the members only clubs coming up,
Around this Nairobi City.
Nowadays it’s all about your assets,
Not intellectual,
But sensual,
Can your skills translate into cash?
Sex is the new currency,
Even good grades can be bought,
By giving a lecturer a good one,
Between the sheets,
And you will get an A,
A standing for using your assets.
People are bought and sold in the wink of an eye,
For a half hour, a day, and a lifetime.
It seems sex can get you anything in this town,
Promotions, cars, houses etc.
I heard it on the grapevine,
About those secret clubs,
Filled with VIPs,
Getting it off,
With some of the so called socialites.
I heard about those ladies,
Who are ladies on the streets,
But freaks between the sheets.
In this town sex is power,
Haven’t you heard those rumors,
In the corridors of power,
Of who is doing who.
But it is no longer she’s,
Who is using what her mama gave her.
Men too have joined the commerce,
Trading sexual favors,
To get those deals, those promotions, those assets.
See sex is the new currency in these streets,
I heard it on the grapevine.

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