Finding financial freedom!



As a creative entrepreneur, you have numerous [known and unknown] assets and opportunities to create wealth. What and where are these avenues of attaining financial freedom?

Join Arterial Network Kenya at Kuona Trust Centre for visual Arts in Kenya as we take you through this journey.

Date & time: 1st February at 2-5pm
Topic: Finding Financial Freedom
Entry: Free

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Our guest panellists in this session will include:

Carol Ondongo who is a known name in performance industry and was one of the pioneers behind one of the first Creative Co-operatives/ Sacco’s in Kenya – Kalasa. As much as it may be defunct at the moment there are many lessons, learnings that are valuable despite its in activity that we can all glean from. We are very happy to have her come and share their initial vision and their experience with us.

Ingrid Munro need’s no introduction in the SME, informal financing sector. Her unique approach to resource mobilisation, as well as her over-all outlook in terms of financial sustainability for the informal sector with her brain-child Jamii Bora Sacco (now Bank) proffers lessons we can learn particularly on resourcefulness. Starting where we are with the little we have coupled with the commitment and creativity to look at what is around us and what we can invest in.

Nikhil Hira comes to us from Deloitte with a wealth of experience not just focused on corporate wellbeing, he is also a well known Tax Specialist among other hats he wears. This is an area that will be a big area for us an a Creative Industry – from fashion, architecture to photography as government narrows down on what exactly they should be taxing in this area. Its a given, that many creatives do not run their businesses as a business but as a labour of love or passion. But financial astuteness as well as knowing not just the structures that we need to have in place as well as knowing the alternative areas we can invest in, or recoup will be crucial for any group that has their eye on growth and longevity.

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