I used to know that girl @MichaelKwambo


beautiful black woman

I used to know that girl
She made every head turn
The envy of all men
I used to dream
About holding her hand
However, Cupid stretched his bow
And she was struck
By the arrow of love
Right in the heart
Swept off her feet
Prince charming
Stole her away

I used to know that girl
And once again today
She made my head turn
Disbelief is all that registered
Because today she noticed me
She stopped to sit
In addition, chat for a while
She tried hard to smile
But it was plain to see
The sorrow in her eyes
She spoke in parables
About her friend
Talked about Prince Charming
Turning into Prince Harming
She said the friend was unhappily
She was really talking
About herself

She went on and on
About the pain her friend
Was going through
Two kids and
An abusive husband
What a tragic outcome
To this story
She had so much
Going for her
But now she is stuck
In a rut
But it’s not too late
She can get away
And if her man
Does not change
These words will
Sound prophetic
I used to know that girl

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Michael Kwambo is a retired rugby player. He started out at Impala before moving to KCB. He currently is the Media & Communications Manager at the Kenya Rugby Union, and is in his spare time a writer, poet and singer.