My pen is my sword – @michaelKwambo





this is my sanctuary

pen is my sword

paper is my shield of…

my truth

a record of thought patterns

splashed on my so-called canvas

tell me…can you handle this?

for I delight myself in exposing

aspiring to make sure that I empty

all the clutter from my sanctuary

It rejuvenates my soul

when I dive into the realm of creation

I fill a large portion of my whole

it’s like super glue

to fill in my tiny cracks and…

place me on top of the shelf

as if I were never broken

my spirit travels on my words

as I have many times previously spoken

this sanctuary has set me on a journey of solace

It has kept me from being

A gangster laying on the mortuary slab

the more I reveal…the more that I can breathe

no more do I freeze like ice in the fridge

when I come face to face with my reality

come…be with me in my sanctuary of words and rhymes

Heartfelt thoughts…metaphors.

for my sanctuary has no roof, doors or walls

you are invited to walk down my many halls

for my sentences are housed in an enormous mansion

my words are the red carpet that will lead you to the front door.

you do not even have to say open sesame to enter

just respect with an open-mindedness

as you explore the vast expanse that is my sanctuary.


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