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They say a minute on the lips a lifetime on the hips. I used to laugh about that statement but you know what it is true.  So much has happened since I wrote the post Here come the Fat bloggers!  This year one of my key resolutions is to lose weight. This seems simple enough but when you have a sweet tooth, and you have an addiction to junk it feels like climbing up a mountain.

Last December I had an asthma attack. I haven’t had one for like ten years. There was a combination of factors that led to that attack. I had decided to walk home from the office. Good decision. I was terribly unfit. So I was getting breathless as I walked. I had started having issues with my chest in November. Issues to do with my increased weight and lack of enough exercise. So I was wheezing when I got home. Then I needed to do spring cleaning on that day. The combination of airing clothes in cupboards and the wheezing escalated into an asthma attack. I had forgotten how bad those were.

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So I made it a resolution to lose weight. I need to lose at least 15 kgs in order to be really healthy. It has been a struggle. I decided to start slowly so that I don’t give up.  I decided to do two things exercise and change in diet. I know there are people who use diet pills to lose weight but I am not convinced that the side effects are worth it.

I started by doing juices. My workmate and I who are trying to lose weight got a lady in Westlands who makes juices for detox. I have been different detox juices that also help in weight loss like Aloe Vera and Cucumber, Wheatgrass juice, and vegetables juices.

I also got a very good Panasonic blender that is good for making fruit juices and soups. I made pumpkin soup (I hate pumpkins) but for the sake of weight loss I am making it. I will put up recipes of vegetable or fruit juices you can take in your effort to lose weight.


So far the benefits have been

  • I am able to sleep better. My insomnia is gone – thanks to Aloe Vera/Cucumber juice.
  • I feel healthier. My skin is clearer; my body is operating on an optimum level – no sluggishness.
  • I have lost some weight.

Other things I have done are.

  • Stopped taking tea. I was talking two cups of tea a day with two teaspoons of sugar. I gave stopped taking tea and now drink one cup of milk instead of tea. From next week I will stop taking the cup of milk and only have milk with my weetabix.
  • I have drastically reduced the amount of junk I talk. I have only eaten fries twice since January. I eat less junk and am gradually aiming for no junk (ok a chocolate now and then)
  • I am also drinking a lot of water and herbal tea especially wheatgrass.
  • I had purposed that I would start going to the gym in March. I have already gotten a gym in Westlands where I will start with some colleagues next month.

 The reason for this post is to tell you don’t give up. If losing weight is your goal then write a plan of what you need to do. Start with baby steps. The goal of losing weight might seem impossible when you look at the large picture but if you look at the small things you can start with then it becomes easier.

  • Take a walk at lunchtime.
  • Carry healthier food for lunch and eat healthy snacks like apples and bananas instead of snacking on mandazis, sausages and samosas. This helps a lot believe me.
  • If you take a lot of sugar reduce your intake by the teaspoon. If you take 2 teaspoons start by taking 1 and a half teaspoon then go down to one until you don’t take sugar at all.
  • Go to the gym. Find an affordable gym where you can train.

Buy a juicer and a Blender. I like the Panasonic blender. It has a glass jug which is better over time for your needs. It also has different speeds which is good for blending different things. I still need to get a juicer so that I will be making my juices in the house.  Blenders are great but you still have to spend time sieving the pulp to get juice if you are making juices like carrot, beetroot etc. In coming weeks I will put up recipes of healthy juices that you can take.

I have bought a couple of dresses as motivation for the look I want to have when I lose weight. This one didn’t need me to lose so much but it will look much better when I lose abit more. This is what I am wearing today.





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