Camp and party in Kilifi with @njooro


I know some of the coolest party people. My friend Njooro is organizing the must go to camp in March. Camp and party in Kilifi for 4 days/ and 3 nights and get to explore one of the best beaches in Coasto.

The best thing is that it is totally affordable. So gather your crew and get down there. But if you don’t have anybody to go with not to worry it is a great chance to mingle.  You don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity. If you are like me and love the beach this is a chance to have some fun.

Here is the info.


Date: 7th March – 10th March

Duration:    4 days / 3 nights

Activities:   Beach, Camping, Swimming, Photography, Water Sports, Challenge Course, Biking, Dhow

Includes:    Complimentary drop off from the Campsite to Kilifi on the last day.

Places:       Bofa Beach, Kilifi, Kilifi Creek.

Equipment:    All camping equipment is provided.

Not Included:   

Meals, drinks, transport

Bofa Beach Kilifi


Day 1 Expected arrival to Kilifi and proceed onwards to Bofa Beach where someone will meet you on arrival at the camp location. On this day, no activities are scheduled. One is free to explore, swim, walk as they please. Introductions, games and drink at the bonfire later on.  

Don’t worry if you’ve never camped before. The camping equipment is provided, using quality tents. Everybody is expected to participate in the set-up and breakdown of camp, and a guide will be there to ensure a positive camping experience. You will camp at a comfortable campsite that has  showers and modern facilities.

On Day 2Rise early for a morning walk to the beach in time to salute the rising sun. After breakfast, it will be a full day challenging yourself at the ropes course, swimming and exploring the Bofa area of Kilifi. After breakfast, it will be time to test your strength by going on a high ropes course challenge – 30ft in the air.  Lunch and thereafter enjoy a gentle stroll on Bofa Beach, cool off in the ocean, find a shaded resting place or a hammock and lie. At the end of the day, we will head to pier and board a dhow for the sunset dhow trip. Bring something to drink to the dhow trip and we’ll make some merry out there. Later on, head back to camp for dinner and have some time to unwind by the campfire.

Sunset Dhow Kilifi                                                                   High Ropes Course

Activity Rates:

Ropes course – 1,500 per person

Sunset Dhow – 1,500 per person

Day 3  will be the water sports day, where we spend the morning splashing about the famous Kilifi Creek . Activities here will include kayaking, water skiing, surfing and sailing. Instructors will be at hand for all of us novices :-). We’ll have another great day outdoors and head back to camp after lunch. After a siesta, beach and sun. We will explore Bofa by bike, riding around the area from 4.00 – 6.00 pm.  Then head back to camp for bonfire, dinner and more fun.


Activity Rates

Kayaks – 700 per hour

Surfing and Sailing – 2,250 per hour

Water Skiing, wakeboarding -3,400 per hour

Bike Hire – 600

Day Four: Departure

The saddest day for most. Bye bye camp!


  • Camera & charger

  • Comfortable clothes (shorts & T-shirt)

  • Change of clothes for 2 days

  • Swimwear, sandals

  • Toiletries, towel

  • Bug repellent spray

  • Sun protection & hat

  • Water bottle

  • Flashlight or headlamp

ACCOMMODATION RATES (Please Note: these cover 4 days / 3 nights per person)

  • With Own Tent – for all 3 nights

  • Tent Only – 3,000/- for all 3 nights

  • With Breakfast – 4,500/- for all 3 nights

  • Lunch & dinner available at the restaurant from 500/-

Actual tent. Yes-there’s a little bed inside.                                                                      Actual Hammock 🙂

Tumetoka Njaanuary Bana

Someone said this to me and then followed it up with “kwani tunalipia activity zote”. So I had needed to reiterate that all non-motorised activities are free. Anything that does not need equipment like ball games, frolicking, hopping and fireplace activities is free. Drinking games too ;-). I am taking suggestions on what other activities you would like.

Getting There

To the Campsite

The campsite is at Bofa, the area with the nicest beach in Kilifi. The most reliable means of transport is by Tuktuk from Kilifi town and costs 150/- one way.

If driving, turn right at the first junction after the bridge (you should see Tusky’s and DTB ) and follow the road until you get to Kilifi bay resort. Turn left (directly opposite Kilifi bay resort’s entrance) and follow the unpaved road for 100 metres then turn left at the first gate.

To Kilifi

There are buses that will take you direct from Nairobi to Kilifi. Modern Coast, Dreamliner and Chania are already doing that. Fares should be around  2,000/- , a little less or more depending on the bus company.

If coming from Mombasa, get a tuk tuk to Buxton (it’s the stage on your right on approaching the Nyali bridge, ask to be dropped off at the Kilifi matatu stage. Board a Kilifi matatu (Not a Malindi one as it’s more expensive although it would still get you there) The fare should be around 150/-

Spice the trip up

You can make the trip to Mombasa a lot more exciting by taking the overnight train that departs from Nairobi every Wednesday at 1900hrs and arrives in Mombasa Thursday at 1000hrs. This means an extra day at camp but it is well worth it if you haven’t taken the train to the coast before.

The night train from Nairobi is still regarded as a must have experience by most people traveling to the Mombasa. The compartments are well maintained and you can enjoy a three – course dinner and English breakfast onboard. *The train also runs late most times, sometimes as late as 6 hours.

Current ticket rates:

1st Class – 4,600/- per person

2nd Class -3,800/- per person


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