SO FINE…SO DIVINE by @MichaelKwambo



So fine
So divine
With a fine piece of mind
She is a rare gem so hard to find
I pray to God
One day she’ll be mine

Captivating me in every way
Thinking about her each and every day
Preparing the words that I will say
Words like I like you
And really want you to stay
And when you stay I’ll have a lot to say

I’ll admire your inner beauty
Make sure loving you is my duty
If anybody tries to judge you
I’ll be the jury
And if they offend you
I will unleash my fury

My perception of you is perfection
My longing for you borders on affection
I want to infect you with an infection
Of love…let me write the prescription
If you can’t read it here is a description
Love and tenderness…love and tenderness

You’re so fine…so divine

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