Concert – Kings of the Arena Sarabi


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I first watched Sarabi at the Songs of Protest concert at Alliance Françoise in December. I had heard about them but had never watched them either live or on tv. I was pleasant surprised to find that I like their music and their performance was electrifying.

Sarabi are having a concert this Friday. This will be the first of 12 concerts in 12 months series at the Alliance Francaise – The Garden.

February 28th, 7 pm till late.

Ticket price: 500 in advance, 800 at the gate.

Here is more about Sarabi.

SARABI is Swahili for mirage, the word also means, imagination, vision and creation. Their music is influenced by the everyday happenings and they try to create a Sound Picture that vividly represents their society’s everyday journey.

SARABI was formed in 2005 and has in the recent years proved to be one of the most talented Afro Fusion Band in Kenya. Their Band is made up of 8 young Men hailing from the Eastlands slums of Nairobi. All the members started playing music at an early age of 11 years and they have over the years worked together to create one of the most solid bands in the Kenyan Music Scene.

Their music is made up of heavy traditional Kenyan Rhythms, Benga and a blend of Western sounds has proved to be the missing link in the Afro-fusion Genre of Music. A feature on Drum Magazine in Oct 2007 and Buzz in 2013 declared their Band as  “the next force in Kenyan music” and The new face of AFRO-Fusion in Kenya respectively.

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