I need to write!



I need to write.

I need to write because my dreams are chasing me,

In the middle of the night and they have become my nightmares.

I need to write because though I reclaimed my heart,

From the rubbish bin where it had been dumped,

And I washed it clean with disinfectant,

It still feels funny,

I can’t even risk giving it to somebody else.

I need to write so that I can drown out,

Those knowing looks or frowning looks,

Of those who ask why are you still single,

And if you don’t want to get married,

At least get a child.

Nevermind that they will not help me raise that child,

Or help me get one of those good men they are always talking about.

I need to write,

So that I can drown out my mad thoughts,

Of comparing myself with my age mates,

Wondering where I missed the bus?

Can I still get on it,

Because at this rate I need a plane?

I need to write because I got dreams to feed,

And they are expensive those dreams of mine,

They say all you need is your mind,

But there are all those professors out of jobs,

Some of them just lost their damn mind trying to get smart.

I need to write,

Hoping that one day this writing will pay my bills,

Maybe get my name on some newspaper somewhere.

I need to write,

Because my heart is bleeding,

Crying out,

Wanting to tell its stories to the world.

I need to write,

My confessions, my lessons,

The highs and lows,

That makes me human.

I need to write,

So that one day my work may outlive me,

That my words may live on even when I am dust.

I need to write,

Before my freedom of expression,

Is taken away.

I see them coming,

In a distance,

They lay in the shadows,

Taking notes,



I need to write,

Because one day I may want to write,

But they may gag my pen,

And this keyboard shall ring no more its keys,

And everything will be written in my head.

I need to write,

I have to write,

While these fingers can do their work,

Before I become too frail to use these hands of mine,

Sometimes the mind goes before the body becomes frail,

So I need to write while my mind is still crystal clear.

I need to write.

Inspired by J. Ivy’s  awesome poem I need to write. 

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  1. Hi Rayhab, stumbled upon your work. Very well written and expressive. Keep them coming.
    Peter Kamau (swift) ring a bell?

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