Story of a ghetto girl – @MichaelKwambo


This is the story
Of a sad little ghetto girl
Let’s call her Jane…thirteen years old

You see
Jane is a very clever girl
But things are not going well

She is the youngest in a family of six
Two brothers…a sister…mum and dad
Dad is at Kamiti Maximum…doing time for robbery

Her mother works hard every day
To put food on the table
She has no time for the children

Her two brothers joined a gang…one got killed
The other keeps his father company at Kamiti Maximum
Her sister killed herself in tragic circumstances

Anne…her sister…met a man…dropped out of school
Only fifteen years old…six months pregnant
The man said he had nothing to do with the pregnancy

Jane looks on…overwhelmed by what is going on
Her young impressionable mind tells her there is no hope
But an inner voice urges her to keep working hard

She needs to do whatever she can
To avoid slipping into the world of drugs…sex…and violence
With focus…discipline…dedication and prayer she can make it

Jane…things look dark right now
You feel as though you are alone
But keep your head up…better days lie ahead

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