State House series launched.



State House the new series from Zuku was launched last night at the Junction Century Cinemax Theatre. State House is a half hour drama about lives, loves and scandal that face the people who work, live and visit the President’s residence. State House focuses on the servants in the house, the comptroller and the visitors who come to the state house.

We got a sneak preview of some of the episodes. We were shown a week’s episodes (I believe) so that we could get a glimpse of how the series will look like. State House has a great script. The storyline is good and captivating. There is a lot of intrigue as everybody seems to have their own agenda.

The government is changing as a new president has come into power. The new president is supposed to be moving into State House. The show begins on the day when the old president is preparing to leave the House. A young, up-coming, radical, popular Kajana Mda has been elected President.

There is something mysterious about the president, Kajana Mda and his rise to power. He seems to have a personal agenda that he wants to pursue as president and from the hints we get it might not be good for the country. The comptroller, Eric Kiuma on the other hand has his own agenda. He seems to have been a puppet master of the old president and he is trying to get into the good graces of the current president. The obstacle in his way is the President’s PA, Catherine Mutwa who seems to want to sweep clean all the old staff and bring in staff who can be “trusted” from the beginning Catherine and Eric clash as both have the same agenda to be the right had man of the president.

The president’s son Junior also seems to have set his eye on the new maid, Zandola. Zandola is the niece of the head housekeeper Neema Kahiga who has been Kiuma’s mistress for a long time. If the truth comes out about Neema and Kiuma there will be serious repercussions as staff are not allowed to date.

There are a lot of undercurrents within the show. There is political intrigue as well as the feeling that there are dangerous romantic liaisons that could happen. This series will be a joy to watch. It leaves you wanting to watch more.

The show needs to watch out for a few things that may affect the authenticity of the show. Here are some of the things I noticed.

The security men’s uniforms are really big. They should make the clothes to fit. They make the security guys look sloppy.

When the new president first comes to the state house he doesn’t have a presidential escort. They should have at least tried to have some riders on bikes to make it more believable and a flag for the car.

The phone that they gave the president’s son as a secure phone was a basic phone similar to a mulika mwizi.  Seriously they should have given a better phone then that. It makes you wonder whether the state house is broke and cannot afford modern gargets for the president and his family.  If that is the phone they gave the president’s son what phone did they give the president? Junior should maybe have had an S3 then they give him a Samsung pocket or something.

When the old president was leaving Zandola greeted him in the clothes she had arrived with that day. That is not something that would happen in a state house where even dressing is according to protocol.

They need to look out for issues that would compromise the authenticity of the show. The show is set in State house so they should be careful to make sure that the representation they show is not questionable.

All in all it is a great show. Zuku have gone all out with this one. The acting is superb. I look forward to watching State House.

The show will launch on Monday 3rd March at 8.30pm on Zuku Channel 100.  Watch the State House trailer below.


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