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5 hairdressers crowned Golden Comb awards winners across 4 competitive categories in Nairobi’s first ever hair competition

Nairobi, 11th March 2014 – The premier Hair Expo debuted today at Prestige Plaza’s Exhibition Hall along Ngong Road. The one day event saw over 60 hair dressers enter the various competition segments such as weaving, hair cutting, wedding and hair styling, which resulted in judging on their style, use of product, handling of hair and technique, with awards presented to the best in the industry. 5 hairdressers emerged winners and were issued with the Golden Comb awards in the premier competition.

“I am truly honored to be bestowed with the Golden Comb, which is the award for best hairdresser of this year. The Hair Expo is a great initiative which will raise the standards and quality of hairdressing in the country and can I only foresee it being bigger and better in the years to follow,” stated Jane Awino of Farouk’s Salon, the winner of the weaving category.

Others who emerged winners in the other 3 categories were: Josephat, Hair stylist winner of the year; Rafat Mohamed, Wedding stylist winner of the year; Ishmael Chegero Hair cut winner of the year and Saul MrefuJuma was crowned barber of the year under a sub-category of hair cutting. To ensure fairness in the judging, the segments were divided in to 3 categories: Bronze category (0-1 year experience in the industry), Silver category (2 – 4 years experience in the industry) and Gold category (over 4 years experience in the industry).

The Hair Expo was organized by Hair Expo Concept, an organization formed about a year ago by two passionate women, Emily and Irene who are both in the marketing and communication industry.

“After years of experience in our line of work, we realized there was a huge gap in the hair industry based on our own personal experiences where we had a challenge finding good hair dressers, as well as knowledge and information about the right kind of products and hair management tips in general, hence, we saw the need to launch Hair Expo as our first annual event,” said the Expo’s co-founder Emily Kinuthia.

My friend Selaine rocking her dreadlock at the far left. Her stylist won the category.

The organization is aimed at forming a platform to inspire, educate and motivate all those in the hair fraternity through engaging forums, events and competitions.

“We decided to launch the Hair Expo in order to raise the profile of hair dressers in the industry by recognizing and celebrating the best professionals, while keeping the public informed on hair and hair trends,” continued Emily.

The event’s judges were some of Kenya’s top hair professionals: Farouk Jannedy, top hair designer and owner of Farouk’s Salon, Mercy Ollows, weave specialist and owner of Merco Salon and Ronnie Maingi, a highly experienced hair dresser at one of the top hair salons in Nairobi.

“Based on the talent that has been displayed today, I am hopeful about the state of our hair industry. This event is tailored to create healthy competition amongst hairdressers while raising the bar in hairdressing in the country. I cannot wait to see more hairdressers taking part in the event next year,” stated Farouk Jannedy, one of the event’s judges.

The key talk was delivered to a packed house by Kenya’s renowned Trichologist, Muli Musyoka, who delved in to the significant topic of hair management for today’s woman.

“Three key words when it comes to proper hair management – moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Consult with a good hairdresser in regards to which products are best to use in order to maintain healthy tresses,” said Muli. The hair industry is a 14.8 billion shillings industry in East Africa, with hairdressing being one the industries that is employing many youths in the country. Muli reckons that with better training, more focus and talent nurturing this industry can become even a bigger employer and better the lives of many young women and men.


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Full List of Golden Comb Awards Winners

Certificate of recognition: Laban Njuguna

Lydia Nyamoita

Weaving Category:1st Runners up- Elizabeth Ngote

2nd Runners up-Lydia Nyamoite

Winner- Jane Awino

Stylist Category: 1st Runners up- FatmaJuma

2nd Runners up- Dennis Rodman

Winner- Josephat

Wedding Category: Runners up- JanetAwour

Winner- Rafat Mohamed

Hair cut Category: Runners up-John Mwangi

Winner- Ishmael Chegero

Barber: Winner – Saul MrefuJuma

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