BAKE to host training on opportunities for bloggers in Social Media and Brands



As more and more Kenyans go online for news, information and entertainment, a few organizations with consumer driven goods and services have an online presence that has gone beyond the company’s website.

Social media platforms such as Blogs, Twitter & Facebook are among the many platforms where consumers can freely engage with the companies whose services or products they consume. It is also on these platforms that an ever increasing number of Kenyans online discuss, critique and share their experiences about brands.

It is therefore important for Online Media influencers to understand Brand Managers, Sales & Marketing Managers & Media Agencies. This will in effect help both parties work better in the execution of Digital Marketing Strategies.

BAKE shall hold a training around this on Saturday 12th April, 2014, at Nailab, 4th Floor Bishop Magua Centre. This training will enable Brand Managers & Media Agencies share their challenges in executing their Digital marketing Strategies.

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This article is from the Bloggers Association of Kenya.

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