Just A friend!


We all have them.

Well some of us who believe we have platonic friends do.

That guy or girl of the opposite sex who is your best friend and you can tell all your secrets. You call them over family troubles, relationship troubles heck even money troubles. The person who is your rock.

Yap, they make life sweet. You know you have somebody to count on.

The world is candy and daisies and …..

But then your partner doesn’t trust them. They think this friendship cannot just be a friendship. They say this person must have feelings for you! Why do you always confide in them and not your partner?

Two spoken word artists Sophia Thakur and Chozen act it out so perfectly. I was very jazzed by their version. Check it out. http://youtu.be/yMKi-Eu1jcA

Can A Man And Woman Have A Platonic Friendship? Also, check How To Maintain Strong And Lasting Friendships

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