#ChasingHistory – a race across 4 museums in one day!


Easter Friday some brave souls decided to do an insane thing. Visit all the museums in Nairobi in one day (it helped that it was free because it was national museums and monuments day.) We were chasing history on a clock and we had a great time.

First we went to the National Museum for a couple of hours,  then went to the Nairobi Gallery.  We did a brief stopover at the National archives (which was charging 50 shillings) but decided because of time to go back at a later date. We then proceeded to the Railway museum (not a part of the museums so we paid 100 bob) and then ended up at Karen Blixen Museum where some clowns (of course led by Morris) made the guide blush with many questions about how Karen Blixen got syphilis. Unfortunately by the time we got out the Uhuru Gardens were closed so we did not manage to finish with a monument.

Here are some of the highlights in pictures.

Morris Kirügå took the photo so here are the mad 6 minus photographer.

mad 5

For the first bit of our journey my sister and Nephew came along. Museums are really cool places to take kids.


We saw some birds that did not give a hoot.


Haunting painting of slaves carrying ivory.

slave trade

We soaked in history. As Bob Marley said

If you know your history
Then you would know where you coming from
Then you wouldn’t have to ask me
Who the heck do I think I am

And of course admired the trains (it is not only boys who love trains)


Came face to face with my past. A strong Kikuyu leader/Warrior called Wangu wa Makeri.

wangu 2

Got shocked at who made it into the Museum to represent Kenyan Music.


For all those women who want to look like a million dollars if you wore this bra you might be worth a million shillings.  Gold bra jewellery from the Murumbi collection at the Nairobi Gallery.


This was awesome. Women voting in the first democratic elections in 1962/1963 (not sure of the date.) Jomo Kenyatta was declared the winner.

women voters

The Mau Mau with Kenyatta. So optimistic when we got independence. Never knew that they would be betrayed and never get the land that they fought for so hard. All that changed was the colour of skin of the land owners. But the ideology was the same.


I leave you with this picture of this chilling guy bottom left who was the one who administered the Mau Mau oath. As @owaahh would say he looks totally badass! All the others are field Marshalls including Field Marshall Muthoni.

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