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I am a tech blond but not that blond.

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I have been planning to try selling my grandfather’s book on OLX. It’s a book of Kikuyu poems that he has written. I opened an account but for some reason I have not yet posted the ad. I wanted to see if OLX works for selling books because I am hoping (and praying and looking for money) to self publish my book this year.  I think sometimes I am very old fashioned in how I approach technology. I love it but I prefer to wait until many have tried and tested then I can dip my feet in the water.

Online shopping has grown over the last few years in Kenya which is made easier by the fact that you can pay by Mpesa. Nowadays also you can get stuff delivered to your doorstep. But people may be reluctant to buy online maybe because they are not sure if they will be conned or get exactly what they are asking for.

I asked myself “what is the best way to find out if something works if you are not sure about going into it yourself?” I asked a couple of friends if they have used OLX. Three of my friends had used it before.

One of my best friends Ann apparently uses it to advertise her bouncing castle and kids entertainment. She says she has received a number of clients.

Another of my friends Nelly used it to sell her Mpesa container (I didn’t know you could do that) and now she wants to sell her seats. It went well the only issue was verifying the legitimacy of the buyer which of course takes time because you don’t want to be conned.

One of my rotary friends sold her TV on OLX and said she got a buyer very quickly. She did however say that she had a challenge deleting the picture after it was sold. It is still on the website so people keep calling her about it. Something OLX need to look into so that buyers don’t get inconvenienced after they have sold something.

OlX has many categories for things to buy and sell. Take a look at their website and check it out for yourself. There are fantastic deals out there. But if you are like me and not quite sure whether the online shopping world is for you, it doesn’t hurt to just take a look. Also ask around to your friends and colleagues to find out who has used the services and how the experience was.

I guess it is time for me to get my feet wet. Kikuyu poetry coming to you soon via OLX.

I am a tech blond but not that blond.
I am a tech blond but not that blond.
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