Before you call somebody idiot #AnitaNderu



Yesterday in the midst of the #SomebodytellUhuruKenyatta rants on twitter a voice emerged. Anita Nderu of Capital decided to call some people idiots for trying to make our president accountable for security in this country. I thought there are a few things she could learn so I did a series of tweet on the same.

This is what she said .

I was going to ignore you idiots but it is NOT Uhurus fault that extremists are terrorizing our country! Extremists will kill regardless.

Uhuru Kenyatta is not Jesus, he is our countries president. Kindly differentiate

: My grammar mistakes are a bigger deal than what happened today? Prioritize please.””

Lesson 1 Don’t go around calling people idiots. It is always wise to think about what you are going to say. Words can boomerang on you. Also it makes the person saying it look petty.

Lesson 2 If you are going to call people idiots don’t give an idiotic statement. If you don’t know role of president

Lesson 3 “Idiots” fight back and many of them actually know the roles of the president. Anita there is a reason the president is called the Commander in Chief of the Defense Forces. One of his major roles is making sure that the citizens of his country are safe.

Lesson 4. We have all made blunders on twitter. Sometimes though somebody needs to get off TL and take a moment. Instead of letting things slide Anita got herself deeper and deeper into the mud.

Lesson 5. If you are going to go out guns blazing check your spelling “An idol mind is indeed the devils workshop”

spellcheck 2

Lesson 6. From “: and lesson 2: our country’s president; not countries president

Lesson 7.

Ice Cube said it “You better check yo self before you wreck yo self”

Sometimes it is better to just shut your mouth and let the storm die down. If you aren’t sure of the right thing to do in a situation go back to lesson 1. Dont go around calling people idiots.

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