Kenyans against Kenyans – Adan Mohamed


Sometimes I am left with no words.

How do we get past the fear that is being created against Somali’s? I would love to point fingers at Kenyans but if I condemn them do I make their fears invalid? Because that is where we are at, where fear has caused us to pick sides, where it is other ethnic Kenyans against Kenyan Somalis.

I have quite a number of Somali friends and I can’t even try to imagine what they are going through.

So how do we, you and I stop this?

Because Adan Mohamed is just as Kenyan as you and me. So is @Elpoet. So is ………………….. Put the names of the Kenyan Somalis you know.

In the 50’s to be a Kikuyu was a crime. Just by being a Kikuyu you were a terrorist, a Mau Mau. 60+ years later we are still putting labels on Kenyans, making them guilty by association or rather by being of the wrong origins.

Will we ever learn from history? Will we ever really be one?


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