Celebrating Kenyan bloggers – BAKE Awards 2014

She is looking Fabulous.
She is looking Fabulous.

The BAKE awards were held last Saturday at the Intercontinental hotel. It was awesome as bloggers hang out, ate until they were full, then ate some more. That’s how much food there was. The most important thing was we celebrated bloggers. The best bloggers in Kenya. You voted for them and we just crowned them winners. There was a festive mood in the air. People cheered for their favourite bloggers when their names were called. There could be only one winner for each category (there were 2 for sports) so of course there were a few sad moments when people found out that they hadn’t won. But in the end we all celebrated. We had fun, mingled and people vowed to win it the next time around.

The blogging space has grown over the last three years. Most of the bloggers who won  in 2014 have not won before. The competition has become stiff and this is a great thing for the industry. New writers are coming up, content is getting better and confidence is growing. We look forward to bigger and better things in the next year.

Find out if your favourite blogger won.

  1. Best Technology Blog

  2. Best Photography Blog

  3. Best Creative Writing Blog

  4. Best Business Blog

  5. Best Food Blog

  6. Best Environmental/Agricultural Blog

  7. Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style Blog

  8. Best Politics Blog

  9. Best New Blog

  10. Best Corporate Blog

  11. Best Topical Blog

  12. Best Sports Blog (A tie)

  13. Best Entertainment/Lifestyle Blog

  14. Best Travel Blog

  15. Best Health Blog

  16. Best County Blog

  17. Best Kenyan Blog of the Year

    Pictures for the BAKE awards can be found here.

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