“For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.”


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Maya packed the baby shoes into a box, it was a sad moment letting go of the shoes. She had such high expectations when she bought them. They were going to be shoes for her first grandson. She had bought the best quality shoes; a proud grandma would do nothing less. But she had not gotten a chance to give Eric the shoes. They were shoes for a one year old. A child who would have just learnt to walk.

She had placed an ad on OLX to sell them. The buyer a new mum was meeting her in town in an hour to get them. The young lady sounded so excited to be getting the shoes at such a bargain. They were. She had bought them for 4 thousand but she was selling them for 2 thousand. Eric could not wear the shoes now so there was no point in keeping them. Now as she looked at the tiny shoes she smiled a sad smile.

Maya looked at the cupboard where she had removed the shoes. There was now a new box. She smiled. She would finally be able to give Eric something that fitted him. Maya’s grandson Eric had been born in the states. His mother was supposed to bring him home to meet the family when he was one but because of financial constraints she had been unable to. Eric was finally coming home. He was three now and a little bundle of energy.

Maya looked at the picture at her nightstand. Eric was smiling in his mother’s arms. Maya had gotten pictures and videos of Eric but finally she was going to hold her grandson in her arms. Her eyes flowed with tears, but they were happy tears. Her baby was coming home.


It wasn’t difficult to put up the advert. She had told her neighbor Doris about the shoes and some clothes she had bought Eric. She was wondering what to do with them. She didn’t have any friends with such a small baby or grandchild. Doris suggested that she try OLX. She had seen the adverts on TV but it looked very complicated. Doris told her that she could download the app on her smartphone. She showed her how and then showed her how to place the ad. It was very simple she didn’t know why she hadn’t done it before.

Maya put the box with the shoes inside a bag which had some baby clothes in it. After talking to the young mum she had talked to her also about taking the rest of the clothes she had bought Eric. She had taken pictures of the clothes and sent them to her email. They agreed on a price for everything. Maya would be able to use the money she got to buy for Eric some new African design clothes when he came. She had learnt her lesson. She would wait until he was in Kenya so that she could shop for him. That thought put a smile on her face. Going for shopping with Eric would be fun.

It is not difficult to buy or sell things on OLX. OLX is a free online platform where you can buy or sell goods. All you need to do if you want to buy or sell  is go to olx.co.ke, register and start posting.  You do not have to register if all you want to do is check out the offers. All the information you need is right here on the OLX FAQ’s page.

Happy selling.

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