Events are the best way to promote Tembea Kenya

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Lovely dancers for Brazil2Macha

This weekend I was persuaded to go to Machakos for the Brazil2Macha festival. I think the reason I got persuaded to go is because I have heard about the famous people’s park but I hadn’t managed to visit. We had a great time there as there was so much to see and do. Find some of the images below.

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Papa Shirandula poses with us.

It is clear that events are the way to promote Tembea Kenya. In other countries events are used as a way to encourage tourism. Events and festivals offer benefits to the community and regions. They encourage awareness of a region, increase number of visits, impact businesses through direct and indirect sales; they encourage tourists to visit gain. They also stimulate businesses to develop and thrive in the area. The last couple of weeks people have been discussing the merits and demerits of tembea Kenya.

Some of my friends and I agreed that events are the way to go in promoting tourism. We should have events that will encourage people to visit other parts of the country. Rugby has been very successful in this respect with the annual Rift valley tournament in Nakuru and with the 7’s rugby circuit tournament held in different places like Kisumu, Nairobi and Mombasa. 7’s rugby has a huge following and there are usually rugby fanatics who travel out of Nairobi to go cheer the teams and also have some fun outside Nairobi. There is now also Masako 7’s which will be held at the end of this month on the 27th to 29th June. The Bamburi Rugby series has also played a part in encouraging fans to visit different counties to watch rugby. This past weekend there were also semi final fixtures at the Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos.

Last weekend there was the Rhino Charge that was held in Samburu. This is a popular event for those who love watching drivers and their machines battle it out in a rough terrain. This event also encourages fans to travel and of course because it is out of town people spend money on accommodation, food and drinks at the venue and surrounding areas.

I think Alfred Mutua has a vision for his county and promoting it as a destination to visit. The park was beautiful. I loved the fact that there was a police post and enough toilet facilities. This is a place you can go relax with your family and friends out of town. I think with a little encouragement the people’s park in Machakos will become the place to go. It is open until late 11 pm on weekends. I hope they will also be able to attract amusement park business people types so that they can have boat rides and all the other child friendly activities that you will find at the Uhuru Park. It also got me thinking. We have had Uhuru Park for ages but nothing has changed. Nairobi County government needs to create at least one other park somewhere else in Nairobi or even make Uhuru Park more attractive to visitors. I do not believe fining people for being in Uhuru Park or Jevanjee after 6 is the way to go.

peoples park
Machakos People’s Park


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Comedians during the road show at Mlolongo
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Maximum respect for this madam. She could really pepeta that ball. Shame she was only given a tshirt.
Part of the brazil to Machakos crowd.
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Visiting hours for the People’s Park.


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