Those boring commentators on KBC may ruin the FIFA World Cup for me!



Last night I had to watch the opening ceremony of the Brazilian World Cup and the first World Cup match on KBC. Not by choice I assume you. I would have loved to watch it on GoTV. The problem is that our TV has only one of those AV channels. This means that we can only use only one aerial on our TV at a time. Because GOTV stopped showing Citizen TV we had to stop watching it as we had to put back our original aerial so that the people who actually watch TV could watch their beloved Citizen TV.

Normally I do not care as I do not watch much TV. But now that I would like to watch the world cup I have to care about watching tv. So there my sister and I were having to watch KBC to watch the world cup. First before the opening ceremony they were interviewing some people having a Brazilian meal at the Tribe. I got bored and switched channels.

So after a commercial break we came back to watch the opening ceremony of the Brazil World Cup. All I can say about that ceremony is that I wish I could take those hours back. That was a waste of 9 million dollars is all I am going to say.
So after the opening ceremony they now had the football commentators. There were three guys who seemed to have shopped at the same store for a tie. They all had a red tie, the very same kind which is what my sister pointed out.

I wouldn’t have had a problem with that if the commentators had been interesting. Have you ever watched a 2 hour movie and thought those are two hours of my life I can’t get back. That was them. They were boring. They started by discussing Pitbull and the world cup song which was not a problem but there was no life in that discussion. Then they went on to the politics of the Brazilian world cup taking about the situation on the ground. This is stuff they should have discussed before the opening ceremony if KBC hadn’t been showing us people eating Brazilian food at Tribe Hotel. I mean who cares about that?


I expected them to talk about the history of Brazil and Croatia at the World Cup. Talk to us about the teams and players to watch out for during the world cup. I expected them to hype me up for the game. You know like good commentators do. Instead they bored us to death, my sister decided to go sleep and I decided to go do something else before the opening match. I got more enjoyment from the twitter and whatsapp conversations then I did from their commentary.

I know KBC is the national broadcaster. I know standards may not be the same with DSTV or BBC or whatever. But at least try. I wish those commentators would be put in a room, given footage of interesting discussions between football commentators on TV or radio. They need to be shown how to make their analysis of the game more interesting. What TV stations need to realize is just because you are passionate about something doesn’t mean that you can make people interested in what you have to say. Some of these things depend on confidence, knowledge of the game, a sense of humor and also chemistry between the commentators. Have you ever listened to Carol Kadull and the gang on “the score” analyzing the games on Saturday? Or the Capital Crew on Capital Music and Sports? Then you know what I am talking about.

I cannot believe I am going to spend a whole month listening to those guys. Guys you need to work on your game. I came across this article How to be a football co-commentator. It seems it isn’t that easy to get good articles on how to be a good football commentator. I know there must be some great videos though so they can look around for them. In the meantime before the game, during half time and half time I will be taking a commercial break from the tv.

As you watch the World Cup you will probably have issues staying awake at the office. Here are a few ways to stay awake at the office.

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