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I believe every woman loves smelling good.  Smelling good gives a woman extra confidence to go about her day knowing that she smells good.  Smelling great also makes a woman feel more beautiful or sexy.

So how do you make your fragrance last longer so that you boost that inner confidence that you have?

Make sure you dab perfume on your pulse points. Applying perfume on your pulse points enables your perfume to last longer as the scent is stimulated by warmth. Your pulse points are behind your earlobes, on your inner wrists, on the back of your knees, on your throat, and in your cleavage. You can also spray perfume around your waist area and swill into it so that it settles on your body.

You can also spray your hair with some of your favourite perfume as it absorbs it well. But I would not recommend spraying it on braids or wet hair. Apparently wet hair can make perfume smell different. Braids and weaves also tend to have oils which may change the smell of the perfume. It is actually recommended to spray perfume on freshly washed dry hair. Spraying perfume on your clothes can also help you smell good for longer but it can mix with the scent of your soap and cause it to smell differently. Also some perfumes are oily and might leave stains on your clothes.

An important trick to keep scent fresh throughout the day is using layers of fragrance. You can do this by bathing with a scented soap or shower gel, follow it up by using a scented deodorant that has the same scent as the soap, then also use the scented lotion with the same scent. You can then also use the perfume or body splash of the same brand scent.

Do not overdo the scents as others may be irritated by the scents especially if they are very strong. It may also overwhelm you.

It is recommended to keep the perfume 6 inches from your skin wherever you want to spray it.

It is also important to note that some scents work better during different times. There are scents that work better when it is cooler e.g. at night or in cold weather. Some scents are better during the day or the summer. So as you try out scents be conscious that different fragrances will not work in all weather. So you can have a variety of perfumes to match your mood or the time of day. You may also have a fragrance that works more in a formal setting then maybe wear something more romantic/sexy for when going out on a date or for the bedroom.

I love Beyonce’s heat. A perfume that stands out.

There is so much to learn about how to layer your scent. This article on laying scents on how stuff works is the best article I have seen on the same. So as you step out there remember the tips on making your fragrance last so that you can smell good and be confident all day. Remember fragrance can be a scent of attraction or repulsion. To recap on what you need to know: put perfume on your pulse points, spray perfume 6 inches from your skin, layer your fragrance, different fragrances work better at different temperatures and choose the right fragrance that suits you.



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