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You have watched the OLX advert and you realize that there is so much stuff that you thought was junk that you can sell for cash. You go check out the website and find that it is not that complicated to put up an item. So you decide to take a picture to show the item on OLX. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words so of course you want to get the best picture. But if you do not take good pictures of the item it could lead to less interest in the product you are trying to sell or no interest at all.

Here are a few things to consider.

You need to take high resolution pictures. Take pictures that somebody can zoom in to look at the item more carefully without the picture looking grainy or blurry. If you can take pictures in high resolution settings on your camera or mobile phone.

Make sure that you take pictures from all angles. Try to take close up and long shots of the item. If it is possible to do so take a picture that captures both height and length. Then make sure you use pictures where you can see the item from all angles.

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Watch out for clutter. Don’t take pictures of the item with clutter all around. It can be a distraction for the buyer away from what you are trying to sell. Try to use a white or uncluttered background. You can take a white piece of cloth and put the item on it or white paper.

Do not use the flash. The flash has a tendency to show reflections or greyness which end up making your item may look bad.
Try as much as possible to use diffused light or natural light when taking your photo. It ends up looking much better. You can play around with the light settings on your camera or phone and see what works best as well. If you are able to change the white balance on your camera or phone that would be good. You can change settings to the type of light you require.

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Use natural light where it is possible. You can place your item near a window or take your item outside for some light. The ideal is to get indirect light which means light in the early morning or late afternoon not the harsh rays of the direct sun. Think about it like the times you would take out a baby to get some sun. You don’t take a baby out when the sun is hottest.

Show all sides of the item. It is important to get close ups of any important details. Also make sure you show any scratches or dents so that the buyer knows exactly what they are getting.

Try to take the picture to scale so that an interested buyer can see how the item would really look like.

I found this on
I found this on Look at the detail.

You can edit the picture after taking it with software so as to adjust brightness or remove clutter if the item cannot be moved. But do not Photoshop the item. Do not remove any scratches or dents. It is not in good faith to do that. Let the buyer see exactly what they will be getting so that if they choose to meet you they don’t get upset that you lied about the condition of the item.

Just as you would pay attention to any pictures you put of yourself on the internet it is important to take time to take good pictures to put on OLX. The clearer the pictures are the easier it will be for somebody to see the item.

Now that you have taken a great picture find out how to upload the picture of your item on OLX.

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