Ladies Camay is finally in Kenya #ScentsOfAttraction

I got a test pack last week and this is my favourite of the 3 fragrances.

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Procter and Gamble (P&G) has this evening launched its luxury beauty brand Camay at the Villa Rosa Kempinski. Camay is targeted to the African woman. Camay’s seek to get a piece of the Kenyan 100 million shillings beauty segment characterized by local brands.

Boasting as the solution to African skin, the beauty brand which consists of a body lotion, antiperspirant and deodorant in a roll on and a body spray as well as a beauty soap. They come in 3 distinctive fragrances. These are; romantic, pure fresh and captivation.

Camay’s enduring scents are inspired by French fragrances and designed by top perfumers to reflect the latest fragrance trends. Camay beauty products contain a drop of real perfume so their individual scents are designed with top, heart and base notes to deliver sophisticated scent characters for 24 hours, which are comparable to real perfume, to ensure women feel and smell their most attractive throughout the day.

Camay’s body care collection includes three essential products to help busy women build beauty into their existing everyday routine: cleansing soap bars, moisturizing body lotions and fresh antiperspirant deodorants. With Camay you can indulge your skin and sense all day long:

  • Wake and cleanse your skin in the luxurious lather of Camay’s delicately scented beauty soap bars
  • Hydrate your body with the creamy texture of Camay’s moisturizing body lotions, enhancing your skin’s natural radiance with the infused oils for a glow from head-to–toe
  • Seal the beautiful scent with Camay’s antiperspirant deodorant range which is specially designed to protect you from perspiration and release fragrance notes over 48 hours, empowering you to take on the day knowing that compliments will come your way

Camay’s ‘Captivation’ fragrance is a classic floral scent designed by Master Perfumer Zerlina Dubois and features velvety violet notes with refreshing touches of pear and melon.

Camay’s ‘Romantic’ fragrance is designed with gentle hints of exotic freesia and musky undertones with sensual rose and the fun and fresh scent of sweet fruits to create a feminine floral scent that gives African women sensual, touchable skin.

Pure Refresh
Camay’s ‘Pure Refresh’ fragrance is designed to make skin feel gorgeously refreshed with the nature-inspired scent of grapefruit, jasmine and violet. The relaxing, yet rejuvenating, dose of light floral scents in this fragrance help African women achieve a sense of balanced beauty.

Camay’s antiperspirant deodorants are designed to protect your attraction for 48 hours with a drop of perfume. The new Camay antiperspirant deodorant range is available in three captivating fragrances for the African woman.

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48 hour anti-odour protection
Camay deodorants contain a unique and patented perfume technology known as Beta Cycol-dextrine (BCD) which provides 48hrs defence against wetness and body odour. Camay’s antiperspirants are designed to eliminate odours not just mask them so the unique technology absorbs malodour and releases refreshing aromas when activated with any moisture during sweat outbreaks.

Scented skin
Deodorant variations contain real drops of perfume and this especially formulated scent technology for long-lasting release of Camay’s sensual scents that are stimulated on contact with water.

Camay Brand Manager Victoria Kieti Chesire, said “Camay recognises the femininity of today’s woman while appreciating her attractiveness, confidence, hard work, and achievements all the while bringing out her gorgeous self, and sensuality through the glow of her skin serenaded by moisture and beautiful fragrances a relationship of scent, moisture and skin.”

Today Camay is sold in 60 countries across the globe and the launch in Kenya is the first after Egypt which launched the brand in the 80’s.

I got a test pack last week and this is my favourite of the 3 fragrances.
I got a test pack last week and this is my favourite of the 3 scents.
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