Let’s go Masaku 7’s, let’s Go! #Masaku7s


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This weekend Masaku or Machakos depending on how you say it is hosting for the Masaku 7’s. This promises to be a weekend of fun, screaming (at the ref) and partying. I have never been to the Masaku 7’s which is a surprise because I am a rugby fan. I think I always have something going on that weekend. But this weekend I plan on checking out the rugby action down at Masaku.

The action is happening this Saturday the 28th and on Sunday the 29 June 2014 at the Jomo Kenyatta Stadium, Machakos.

This is why you should do down to Machakos for the Masaku 7’s rugby.

  1. It will be fun.
  2. The rugby action will be fantastic. Foreign teams including 3 from Uganda & teams from Italy, Oslo, Fiji, and UAE have confirmed their participation.
  3. You can buy your advance tickets for #Masaku7s online via http://t.co/7VU50Mf1TM. No need to line up at the stadium to get your tickets.
  4. Official after-party has been changed. It will now be in the stadium after the rugby action.
  5. There will be plenty of food and drinks.
  6. You can get affordable accommodation in Machakos. RoadtripKE has you covered if you would like an affordable package which includes transport and accommodation. It is advisable to book early as spaces are going fast. I paid a thousand more than my friends who had booked the day before me (not through Roadtripke but my own personal arrangements.)
  7. Ladies forget about football, the men worth drooling over play rugby. All those months of going to the gym and then they are running across the pitch showing off those muscles (swoon).
  8. You get to tembea Kenya. If you have never been to Machakos this is a great time to find out what’s happening in Machakos. See the developments going on.
  9. Machakos is not far from Nairobi so if you would like to go to watch the matches daily and go home by either public or private means it is doable. But then you will miss the after party.
  10. Register for Airtel Money at the venue and you could win goodies as well as get discounts!
  11. It is the great plan for the weekend. Everybody will be there.
  12. The main reason why you should come is because you will have FUN and lots of it. There is never a dull moment with the rugby crowd around.

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