World cup domez in our house!



There is a new series on YouTube by Weetabix on Rispa the domestic worker. It is pretty funny and I always get entertained when I watch a new episode.

The story of how Rispa is treated in her home is very interesting in the context of what happened last week. Our helper was sick so she asked her sister to come stay with us for a couple of days so that she can get some rest. This sister once came to work for us for a month 2 years ago when our helper had to go do some project in her rural home. I think she thought that if she just says she is going for a month we would get a temporary replacement who might end up being a full time replacement. Anyway this lady is smart so she knows how to keep her job, by keeping it in the family.

Anyway our helper Kate goes off to get some rest in comes sister. And things seemed to be going alright. Last week my sister tells me that our helper Kate is coming back and Lucy (her sister) will be going away. Apparently her sister complained that I am showing her matharao by switching off the TV for her. So she said she can’t stay.

My sister asks me “why did you switch off the TV for Lucy? Was Sean (my nephew) doing homework and you had to switch it off so that he could do his homework?” I had to think about it. I could not remember switching off the TV for Lucy. Actually I rarely watch TV so I wondered when I was in front of the TV. Then it hit me. That time when the World Cup began, from the second day the matches started early. So during the time when the ladies were watching the soap operas on TV I was watching football. I found it funny that somebody would refuse to continue working because she was missing her favourite soap. Especially because in our house we do not restrict our helper on the time she can watch TV. In fact our helper is usually left watching the citizen soap at 8 with my mum. So basically Lucy told her sister to come back because I was showing her matharao by watching the World Cup when she wanted to watch the soap at 8 pm.

It made me wonder whether the domestic workers can demand to watch what they want on TV or else they will quit. Imagine getting a new helper who is used to watching Citizen TV and maybe you like to watch Nation. And she gets upset because you have refused to watch what she wants to watch.

My mum was away at the beginning of the World Cup and she came back last week. Now I am not able to watch the matches before 9.30 pm because of course my mum has to watch her soaps and news. So now I am the one in the cold. The struggle to watch or not watch the World Cup is real.

Enjoy some Rispa below. Who knows my situation could be played out on Rispa.

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