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Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have. It’s much sexier than any body part. Aimee Mullins.

As you know Procter and Gamble (P&G) launched its luxury beauty brand Camay this week. The beauty brand consists of a body lotion, antiperspirant and deodorant in a roll on and a body spray as well as a beauty soap. They come in 3 distinctive fragrances. These are; romantic, pure fresh and captivation.

I got to sample Camay’s last week as I got a Camay gift pack in advance. I got all three fragrance ranges. Living in a female house of course I had to give out goodies to the other ladies in the house. But I got to keep the products for the range I love most which is the pure fresh range.

What I love about it is that the smell is not too overpowering but it is very fresh and the scent lasts for very long. I was abit skeptical about the deodorant because of the packaging. But it is true what they say don’t judge a book by the cover. The fragrance is great and it compliments so well the lotion and the soap. I didn’t use the antiperspirant body spray because I am more of a roll-on kind of person but it smelled good. The thing I loved most about the deodorant is that it didn’t sting when I put it on after shaving. The soap is also a great product that just leaves you smelling good even before you layer your body with the lotion. The lotion and the deodorant are my favorite products so far.

I got a test pack last week and this is my favourite of the 3 fragrances.
I got a test pack last week and this is my favourite of the 3 fragrances.

So I had a great experience with Camay’s and I want you to have that too. The Camay woman is a confident woman who knows what she wants. Camay compliments her and makes her stand out more. I need you to tell me in the comments section what gives you confidence to step out of the house and you could win a gift pack with one of the fragrances.

Because I know that a Camay woman needs to treat herself well so that she can shine for the world I have partnered with my friends at the Hilton to give one lucky Camay woman a gift she will enjoy.

The Deluxe Sensation Package

1 ½ hours of full body treatment designed to completely re-energise and alleviate stress and tension from the body. This includes a Coffee Body Scrub, Steam/Sauna Treatment and a full body massage including back, neck and shoulder massage. The winner may opt to begin with a hearty workout in our fully equipped gym or by taking a relaxing swim in Hilton’s outdoor heated pool before embarking on her massage treatment.

All you have to do is buy an item from the Camay range. It could be the soap, the lotion, the antiperspirant or deodorant. Send me a copy of the receipt (write your name on the receipt and take a picture) and the deluxe sensation package could be yours. Email me the receipt to [email protected] or send me a tweet to potentash and hastag #ScentsofAttraction

Simple as that.

At the end of 2 weeks one lucky lady will walk away with a gift hamper and the deluxe sensation package. One lucky winner will walk away with a gift hamper of Camay’s products every Friday. This promotion will last for two weeks and will end on the 11 of July. So send in your comments and receipt pictures.

People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing you are the beholder. Salma Hayek

To find out more about what the Hilton Deluxe Sensation Package offers please check out this link.

To find out how you can layer your fragrance so that you smell good all day check out this link  how to smell good throughout the day #ScentsOfAttraction 


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  1. When I first decided to try camay I was amazed at it affordable prize. Its accessible to every woman out there. I’m in love with its fruity fragrance, it leaves my body smelling fresh and smooth throughout the day. That in itself makes me feel confident and I have the strength and vigor to work all day. Thank you for camay

  2. Wow the romantic Camay deodorant,lotion and soap are a must get for every woman. I was watching the advertisement the other day and I said to myself, why not try it out and when I did it did not disappoint. The rich combination of fresh fruits and that musky fragrance is to die for! Not only does it make you feel comfortable in your own skin, the rose fragrance is indeed a source of attraction. Team Camay forever. Thanks P&G for creating this awesome product.

  3. we handling my client i must have the confident im me so that i may win them in ti trusting and understanding their difficult situation in my clinic as same as my skin tone addup my confident when i use camay products.

  4. What makes me confident is that I am not afraid to be myself, and so is in trying something new, like the Camay lotion or fragrance, that I have admired so far. I know my style, and think that a Camay product will compliment me, be who I am!

  5. CAMAY Romantic antiperspirant-with a romantic scent of rose, Makes me feel confident all day everyday.It has a soft sweet smell that does turn necks but instead paints a smile on my face everytime i use it.I recommend Camay products for anyone who wants the best results on their skin #ScentOfAttraction

  6. I am currently using CAMAY body spray and beauty soap i love the smell, not too strong, am very careful while selecting body spray because of my kids are sensitive but this one is perfect for me and it is a must have for all ladies ….feeling fresh!