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I AM KENYAN is a platform that aims to promote the Kenyan identity within Kenya by creating a vibrant Kenyan brand spearheaded by the Kenyan population. The initiative aims to unite all Kenyans from all walks of life, from all the 47 counties and all over the world to affirm their Kenyan Identity, in all aspects of their lives and Stand up for Peace, cohesion, patriotism, imperative co-existence, economic prosperity and political stability in Kenya.

In response to the growing tension in the country surrounding the “saba saba” day, there is a need to remind Kenyans that we are all Kenyan first before anything else. Using this platform, they aim to spread the message of peace and patriotism using all mediums not limited to social media, main-stream media, corporate campaigns, concerts and other long-term projects aimed at reviving the national spirit of “Ukenya”.

I AM KENYAN began as awareness campaign that used still photography , fine arts, door to door campaigns and sports as a platform to promote peace during the elections on March 4th 2013. To “Stand Up For Peace”, individuals took a photo of themselves with the caption “I am Kenyan” and uploaded it onto the website or Facebook page. These pictures were blown up to posters that were posted on various media platforms including social media, newspapers, billboards and television adverts and used in various events across the country.

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