Why I love Kenya #WhyILoveKenya


We have amazing people. Kenyans are generally warm and welcoming.
Kenyan 1

We have a beautiful country.

beautiful kenya
Picture from National Geographic.

We have the only city in the world with a national park.

We have beautiful animals. The big five can be found here.

the big five
We have rich culture, a blend of tradition, modernity and religion.

Kenyan culture
Kenyan roots band Kenge Kenge – http://blog.afropop.org/2010/08/kenge-kenge-bring-kenyan-luo-roots-to.html

Nairobi is a very cosmopolitan city.

Nairobi – Mutua Matheka. Image from mutuamatheka.co.ke/


I love the flag and the national anthem that remind me that I belong to this land. No matter where I go this is my home.
I love Kenya because I was born here and hopefully I will die here. God made me Kenyan for a reason.


We have the best athletes in the world.

rudisha 1
David Rudisha.
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